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Fresco vs Soul Khan (Русские субтитры)

Баттловая оффлайн площадка КОТД представляет широкой публике новый баттл, в котором встретились Fresco и Soul Khan, чтобы узнать: кто из них лучший баттл МС. Данное виде содержит русские субтитры, созданные специально для рускоговорящей аудитории, следящей за зарубежной battle культурой.

Смотреть баттл Fresco vs Soul Khan:

[Fresco: Round 1]
You got respect, but you will not get more
Matter o' fact you such a faggot, you belong next door
All you gonna have is lines about fashion and some gay shit
Your faggotry is blatant
He's not even nervous right now, but he's still imagining me naked
Stop pretending you and Dirtbag are just casually acquainted
You've got so many of his kids inside your stomach that you're practically related
Tonight you up here looking like a fanatical rapist
Because of the childhood photo shoot you had in the basement
I know it probably fucked up your family arrangements
When your parents made you decide which Dad was your favorite
That's why I've seen you on Family Double Dare
But his family wasn't there
He was a giant nose, the kids grabbed the flags that's up in there
Stop thinking about how small your stepdad's balls are
Fuck you, and the rest of the Red Rag Allstars!
See, my whole family been Wops since we jumped in the boat
Make a line about that, you'll get punched in the throat!
So I think that Soul Khan needs another approach
If GrindTime was Voltron, I'd be the nuts and the bolts

[Soul Khan: Round 1]
It's weird hearing you calling me a faggot
But you can call me what you like
But you calling me a faggot is like me calling you a kike
I was trying to battle Sahtyre but he was fucking scared
Now I gotta body bag the bitch that does his hair
This Guido's down low lifestyle is depressing
I can tell he tosses salads just by how this Italian's dressing
You told Illusion-Z you never fought with a guy
That's cause every time you tried
You got lost in his eyes
Truthfully I'm not impressed
Your music is an awful mess
He only came to battle cause he heard it'd be a sausage fest
Pause it just a second cause I think y'all thought I lost a sec
You think this gonna launch your rep? No, you getting stoned to death!
See, I got groupies that wanna see how long my condom's stretched
You got groupies, but they go by names like Tom and Jeff
I was lying when we got along, you dying in this octagon
You are such a fucking homo, you shoulda come here with a closet on
Your division's top tier's a posse of your white friends
Real Deal's the quarterback, but you call him your tight end
When y'all first met he was like "Yo my name is Real Deal
From the land of the steel mills", and you said:
"Sshhh - You had me at Real Deal."
You wish you and your lover Trevor could spend the summer together
No wonder "Fresco" and "faggot" have the same number of letters

[Fresco: Round 2]
So I'm finally in NY, Poison Pen is the dude
I wanted a Smack rapper last minute, but this was the best we could do
When I grab the Glock, your Dad gets shot
And your Moms gets pregnant when the Magnum pop
My accuracy the best, but I don't have to be correct
I got newsstand clips grab magazines and press
If I'd have to squeeze the Tech, it'll rapidly eject
To take the soul outta Soul, and make him astrally project
Now I ain't on that gun clap tip
But I love that shit
And I'm pretty sure a couple o' people dug that shit
You talked to one bitch in your life and got stuck in the friend spot
Bitch looked like a fat version of Wilma from Bedrock
Had a bright-ass head of hair, I was callin' her Red Top
Coochie looked like she got a clown's head in a leg lock
You're the only one more outta place than me in this sorta hood
This motherfucker probably gets morning wood at Dick's Sporting Goods

[Soul Khan: Round 2]
I analyzed your tracks and gave your vocals a listen
No pun intended but essentially your Soul is just missing
You're the reason that this culture's in its lowest condition
He thought "Immortal Technique" was a Yoga position
You were relevant on the scene 'til I came on it
That's why your biggest battle's a 2 on 2 with my name on it
Why is this fairy making all them scary faces
You make Larry David look like Larry Davis
See you ain't ready for what happens when you confront a man
So let me put this in terms that you can understand
Hey hey hey... your crew gonna wanna leave you
Hey hey hey... cause you just lost to a Hebrew
See here's the thing, I did that even though Drake's whack and his flow sucks
Just to prove unlike you I could actually blow up
But even if the penis wasn't his first choice
How you going to get girls moist when you got Big Bird's voice
He be like: "I'll leave all your bones broken, you're gonna need a ramp
I'll lick your chick and leave her damp, like adhesive on a stamp"
You wanna be the best? You wanna be the champ?
Well you just got burned like my people at the camps!

[Fresco: Round 3]
Now let me tell you why I dress like this
I just wanna be the ladies' man like Jesse Katsopolis
But I have been way too busy protecting Metropolis
I don't see why people online are always giving you compliments
When you overcompensate for lack of genuine confidence
See, I see you on Twitter, shit talking and making comments
But you're softer than making omelettes with Jonathan Taylor Thomas
You need to check your head size buddy
This next line's funny
I'm only here cause I wanna win Ben Stein's money
You're gon' be real pissed, mo'fucker, when you hear my verse
Stop rapping and explaining me how Clear Eyes works
Now Jew jokes aside? Shit! I said I wouldn't say nothing
But you're such a small bitch, I had to say something
If this was Auschwitz, and they'd seen you're face coming
Hitler'd have hit the On-switch on his Easy Bake Oven
Or let the gas chamber close 'til the floor got moist
How'd you get the Black Ranger's nose in Zordon's voice?
And if I smack him, it'll knock your fucking eyes out of your skull
He said "Yoga", but I don't even fucking Mind, Body and Soul!

[Soul Khan: Round 3]
When I exposed Amazing Crack in that hot pink Tee
Fresco was like: "Damn, that is a hot pink Tee!"
At your sonogram your momma asks: "What's your sex?"
The doctor was like: "Huh? I'll have to run more tests."
Calling you a man is pretty tough to consider
Bitch, your Y-chromosome is covered in glitter!
I bet you'd doggy paddle through a river of skeet
Just to live for a week down on Christopher Street
Fuck a rhyme scheme though, that is so disgusting
You wouldn't fathom the pussy that Soul been crushing
I'm from the home of Eses and pornstars fucking
You're from Rockford, Illinois, the home of nothing
Now am I that twisted or is that Kid Twist's kid?
You've never been in a fist fight, but you have been fisted
He has this sickness I doubt they can fix
He dreams about living in a house made of dicks
Heres a fucking fact you ain't allowed to debate
You didn't fuck with rap until 2008
I'm only 25 so I can't blame your age
You didn't do the knowledge you just jocked the lastest craze
Getting schooled is hard when you can't get brain for grades
If I pulled your card it would be the Ace of AIDS!


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