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Madchild vs Daylyt (русские субтитры)

Представляем вашему вниманию новый баттл на оффлайн площадке КОТД, где сразлись Madchild vs Daylyt.
This battle went down on Blackout 5, the biggest card to date for King of the Dot. The battles were co-hosted by Drake and Murda Mook amongst others.

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Текст баттла "Madchild vs Daylyt":
[Round 1: Madchild]
Y'all get excited about these mainstream rappers
Jumping on to the scene, but they're just here for a check
But this is Madchild, I'm just here for respect
So every time you see me on the stage
You're gonna see me at my best
A plan I won't deviate from, I hope that alleviates some stress
Now, let's work. I'm a white rapper that's a night capper
I don't like rappers that are light rappers that are like actors
I don't like watching battles ruined
Because they're depending on the Lyt factor
It's time to get on the right chapter
You're living your whole life backwards
You spit bars? I'm a raptor attackin'
A viking that throws hachets from that back shit
Ain't no match for a crazy blazing inferno
You're just one match lit
I'm a tyrant that spits visciousness, that's violent maliciously
You just came across the border right now
You've got an iron deficiency
You young fuckboy rappers, all afraid to go against the grain
While I make $600-$700K a year by going against the grain
And I am on a steady climb, a couple mil a year at least
‘Cause I’m not afraid to tell the truth, and I’m a fearless beast
I guess that's just my problem
I’m a goblin with a problem lyin’
With all them views you get
I hope you’re bringing in the dollar signs
‘Cause you and all your friends
Promoting killing kids like Columbine
I love life! I guess that’s just a crazy concept
That's a problem of mine
But that’s the thing, I’m still a hard rock, and it’s gobbling time
No Gucci goggles, but write lyrics that will boggle your mind
I’m going Prefontaine, you’re just jogging in line
He’s just a soldier, I’m a bicentennial
Five-star general that grew up my whole life
With gangsters, murderers and criminals
But I had to walk away from all that shit, now I keep it minimal
And make music raw as fuck
Still teaching kids, that’s being subliminal
I am nothing to fear, homie, yeah, you like that part
But I am something to fear, homie, I am twice as smart
For those of you that know my music, this is light vs. dark
What do Bloods call you? A crab?
Well, I’m a great white shark
I’ll put a fucking rope around you like I'm wrangling a herd
I saw that video of you tough guy strangling a nerd
If you’re a gangster, how’d you make it across the border, you young dumpling?
For four fucking years, I was banned from your whole country
I was gonna make fun of your stupid fucking face tat
But then I realized I got stupid fucking face tats
It’s true, I am crazy, I got a terrible mind
I’m stomping on a bunch of Grapes ’til I got a barrel of wine
I loved hip hop since L.L. was rockin’ a Kangol
You loved hip hop since Jamie Foxx was acting in Django
I’m actually Rambo, my friends know I'm a dependable G
And I’m still killin' shit; Expendables 3
I’m meticulous and filled with unpredictable rage
You a two face; John Travolta, Nicholas Cage
I’ll rip your face off, Canadian Adolf
I got nine in the clip I'll pop eight off
Stab you in the neck and wipe the blade off
I get paid, you got big homies, they get paid off
Think my height’s little? I’ll smack this black tarantula with a spatula, and still I’m a white widow

[Round 1: Daylyt]
I said, I know y'all tired, y'all tried to follow me
I done gave y'all so many What The F moments
That’s why they all screamin’ I’m not a G
But my analogy is for me to prove my right in this presidin'
I got y’all all screaming "You gotta see!"
If I’m the best, to buzz, well, I gotta be
I know I gave y'all antics versus Pat, when I could've proved to the world no body could write as hot as me
And if I made any one of my core fans mad
Well, this match is my apology
I know most of the time, my skill get overshadowed by my antics, so most of my antics, I don’t need it
But I’ll admit, I got an addiction which is called attention
Which is a monster inside of me, starvin’
All I ask is that you don’t feed it
They say: “Day, you could be strong as Thor, bro
But your talent, you low key it”
They want me to write ’til I make the wizards think
Well, think lizard drink; so be it
I said, I’m gettin’ tired of these retired men who say they come back with that bullshit. Y'all feel he Jordan?
Well, this is when I make him fade away
With the same style, child, you done got put in the spot for the doctor to kill a kid; I deal abortions
This is when I stop the show, with Mop & Glo
See the flow shine with a dope line, like I’m into snortin’
They say it’s a slumber in the town
Clown watch me do my numbers with this round
Now, that’s Wheel Of Fortune
I told him, they write him my will of fortune
This nigga’s scorchin’, but you done got caught slippin’
Pimpin’, the flow too wet
This my go to prep, for the scene
Mean I make that body lean, like they off tofu yet
I’m fittin’ to catch the dry body, but I know you sweat
Don’t panic, Ganik, I owe you yet
Transcribe it, everything they read over the head
This shit is so brunette
I tried to bottle my anger, sittin’ in a hyperbolical time chamber, doin’ Goku reps of vocal preps
No duet, just another session compression
We plugged in the Pro Tools set
The pro who produce, I hope you flex
I’ll kill everyone in your family with no regrets
Ain't no damn higher writin’, vampire bitin’
You who I’m gonna give a hole to next
I'm finna show you ass, the fanny portion
I’ll wig on this bitch nigga; granny courses
You the best in your pack y'all
See I'll rip geeks in too many portions
I’ll leave child broke; Annie Courses
Thought I was finished and out of nowhere
I’m around your neck; I'm Randy Orton
Versus Pat Stay, I had everybody like
“Look what this dumb clown did!”
Now I’m back snappin’, I be tighter than Dumbfoundead
I said, I tighten up for the tights when I’m writin’ stuff
But they hypin’ up the wrong talent
I been slicing up the wrong parrots
Check this skill, nigga, I’m nicer than Charron parents
Child, we finna dirt you
Fuck around and get planted; we finna earth you
They demandin’ the scrap
Put hands on Child back; we finna burp you
There’s no G in your circle; he just a Urkel
Your whole squad snitch, I’m seeing the virtue
I ain't seen this many rats in one car since the KIA commercial
2013, nigga, this cat’s so real
Y'all know the fucking slogan: To the bat mobile!!

[Round 2: Madchild]

You’re a dead man walking, I’m a freak with perfection
‘Cause when I speak it’s execution by lethal injection
Organik got me rushin’, like a Soviet, but I'm top of it
‘Cause I’m sharp as a sickle
And harder than the hammer that fucking crosses it
I slice like a bear claw and strike like a rattlesnake; I’m the only battle rapper that can actually rap on battle breaks
They know I had them crazy rhymes
‘Cause I have an amazing mind
You always got a bunch of gangsters around you
In case it’s Daylyt savings time
You’re a mark, let’s face it
I walk alone and spit the harshest statements
Daylyt don’t mean shit
I’m underground, I come from the darkest basement
There’s a thin line between genius and insanity
We both walk in that straight tight rope
You straight right? Dope. Well, I’m Canada’s great white hope
I’m a walking contradiction, little clean motherfucker
‘Cause I’m nice as fuck! But still a little mean motherfucker
I’m about to expose this broad Daylyt in broad daylight
And face my enemy
You bring 40 Watts burning when it's daylight?
That’s just a waste of energy
When the battle’s done, y'all fall in line
And walk out like a centipede
When I’m done, I put my backpack on
And walk alone like there was ten of me
I saw that fight that popped with Math and Diz
That proved that you’re a total coward
But I appreciate your presence at the moment
I am solar powered
I’m from Van City, never saw you before, it was total showers
But now I’m in the States, I see you 9-1-1 exploding towers
This crazy Canadian is now an American terrorist threat
About to blow the fuck up and steal your light
That makes you very upset
You notice I ain't bring up antics, ass, or Diddy’s dick
Or say "MmmK, MmmK"
That’s all been done to death, that's kiddie shit
I’m bout to spazz out on this trash mouth
I’m throwing rocks at his glass house
So tonight like every other fuckin' night, homie, ass out
Daylyt must have forgot this battle is called Blackout
You a black out, this cracker will smack the black outta ya
It’s too late for you to back out
You’re only dope ‘cause you grew up in a crack house
Don’t bring that MAC out, I still won’t back down to a MK
You can empty a whole banana clip
I’m an orangutan about to go bananas
On this panicking manic depressive
I will man handle this mannequin
You better work on your mechanics
Any more antics and you’ll be vanishin'
Plus, I ain't trippin’ on your little purple hanky
With bandana print
My life was like all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy
But I won’t let you be a slave; I got you covered like a canopy
But at the same time I can’t lose, I’m a slave to my own vanity

[Round 2: Daylyt]
I said, first of all, you already ain't get what I just said
I said, you the first to fall, you ready for a seasoned nigga?
Well, some'll see all them will realize there's no way for you to be a winner, ‘cause today is the first of fall
I’m going in early; that’s the curfew call
Let’s see if you can heel up, like a church shoe clog
You’ll be injured when I air bud, I'ma hurt you, dawg
Y'all ready for the elbow? Let’s go
My point is what? You missin’, Child, damn, this a merc
Soon as Organic hit the kid jack
I told him "Set off a Amber alert!"
‘Cause I told you I would take Child seriously
This shit should be considered as crib snatching
I mean the situation could get real foul
‘Cause if I steal Child, it’s guaranteed to leave the kid napping
You’ll get abducted without a sound
Off joy, that’s boss noise
Y'all still don’t get it right? Take child, kidnapping, Amber Alert… well, it's apparent you lost, boy
That’s ‘cause your style trash, wild gas, style spazz
They thought his pen was crazy, Brenda baby; Child trash
You are battling the messy can monster; the Chupacabra
You should bother
Too much presence for Child; I’m a true provider
Loose the collar, show up to your crib
Like, "Y'all wanna see what I do to toddlers?"
I’ll beat the dog shit out of Child; I’m an abusive father
See, this shit ain't fair. It’s the Leaf versus the Cali state bear
They say "You should watch Child."
I reply "Do you really think Day care?"
Baby sit, you a faggot mark
You would never let the 'matic spark
Y'all shoot, it’s John Q; Child, you just don’t have the heart
To be a real nigga. I mean, Child, you in disguise
You soft as a Teletubby, son – what, y'all ain't catch that?
I said I’ll put Child in the sky, like the Teletubbies sun
You better tell your buddies run, ‘cause in one of your songs you said you was in a drive by, with a wild Glock
Nigga you was in the backseat
Havin’ trouble with the child lock
Plan A was my apology. I told myself
If that don’t work, I’ll be good; I know for a fact that if Plan A don’t kill Child, then Plan B would. To the Batmobile!

[Round 3: Madchild]
I am Thor with the war hammer and a black BaxWar banner
You’re Spawn and Bruce Wayne?
I am David Banner with poor manners
I am also three characters, Silver Surfer, I absorb planets
Watched your battles
Shit put me to sleep, like I took four Xanax
Dog, you know how much fuckin' pussy I gave up to watch all these battles? It’s fucking retarded, dude
Silver tongued devil spittin' fire, like I am Godzilla
That’s five super heroes, from two really ill and odd villains
I’m not chillin’, I’m killin’, I’m shadowboxing with Satan, noobie
I work with Todd McFarlane
But saw Spawn, I fucking hate the movie
I’m Evel Knievel, you got a feeble cerebral, with a divaish ego
I’m Canadian, right? So tonight, just leave it to beaver
Oh ok, I won’t talk about you being a gay bastard
Doing battles with a slave master
You will cave faster than eight ratchets
Putting you in a grave casket
I’ll send flowers and a grape basket
No one crying for you like 2Pac, everybody already way past it
The shit you make up, it is Maybelline
Half my shit is make belief
I’m a staple like the maple leaf
Stitched on to the Toronto Maple Leafs
You’re a grape I eat, I’m a hawk, you’re the snake beneath
I could break your teeth. I feel like a masked man standing on the planet of the apes it seems
It’s a fact, it’s not an act
Our lives been filled with agonizing terror
It's an error to call him faggot
But this faggot should not be antagonizing terror
This dragon’s eyes are magnifying, clearer looking in the mirror
My second trick, I'll make another battle rapper disappear
My vision, it is crystal clear, let’s compare the end of fiscal years
I will physically tear your heart out of your chest, make it visible here
Still pumping rapidly, blood dripping down my sweaty palms
My machete’s long
You always stretch like Armstrong
To rock steady, to make songs, like your arm's strong, steady but you’re not ready
I’m a lot better, I’m a hot spitter, you’re a prop getter
I’m the top wizard, you’re a lot lizard
Get it? Lot lizard? Sucking cock in every fucking truck that stop to make his knot bigger
You ain't hot ni— aww I can’t say that word
I will rock ni— aww I can’t say that word
You went from nothing, to a total fuckin retard
But that got you on the playing field
But I’m the sickest rapper in here and do not need any Day quill
Enough is enough, it’s time to move on and look for some new concepts
I’m a constant reminder that monsters will find you
And I am the new bomb threat
How is it that I’m a Gulf Iraq war and Vietnam vet?
Meaning I’m a veteran of the new school, because lyrically I’m complex
Superior, but I don't have a complex. It’s complex
Demons fighting angels, kids they feel like inner conflicts
And I’m not trying to be a dick and I’m not saying you’ve had your palms read
But half your friends are gonna end up dead, or end up convicts
Cuz half my friends are dead now, the other half are convicts
Some of them are millionaires, just chillin' on some calm shit
But that’s a small percentage, that gon' make it past the finish line
But fuck it I’ll be Popeye, now it’s eat a can of spinach time
East indian killers, Asian triad gangs, and 1 percenters
Trust me this is not a topic concept that you want to enter
I grew up with organized crime, actual tactical assassins and mass murderers
You grew up with drive-bys, crack dealers, and cat burglars
I grew up with body snatchers, home invasions, sociopaths and kidnapping
When you talk about 'I’m reppin’ for my hood' that’s little kid rapping
You fucking clown, if street battle rappers shot guns as much as these street battle rappers said, guess what?
By now there wouldn’t be a single fucking battle rapper left
I said if y'all really killers, there wouldn’t be no battlers left
So it’s hard for light to shine, when he's standing right beside the shadow of death
I said plus guns are legal in America, think about it
Moms have them in their purses, guns are legal in America
So all of them bars are out of season
Cuz when we got straps in Canada, we got them for a reason!

[Round 3: Daylyt]
I say yo, this the round where I got em screaming that 'nigga’s bars is nuts'
Hey, this is my biggest payday, shit
Everything in front of me get plain crashed; better call in they mayday biz
Put this in reverse dog, you battling a god
That’s why they pray, they say 'hey, you seen that new shit that Day Day did?'
I came to melee wigs. I’m bout to do child badder than Bébé Kids
They wonder if homie gonna spit off
I’ll pull up with lines like I’m slowly on a dip pole
Soon as he step to the front he defeated like homie on his tip toes
I sidestep him, but I’m the Ginóbili of this shit oh
Guaranteed to hit the shot, I'm Kobe on a pick roll
I’ll snap on every round that hit the board; I'm a hungry hungry hippo
I’ll leave this pussy wet if I find him in the G-spot
I had Dots following your tail, like they following a peacock
I put hands on his mouth, we tried to give him beat box
I'll put the pump to his tongue, we tryin' to give him Reeboks
You still want the problems? Then I'ma give em street docs
See these pushed back; I tried to give him Detox
You got options, you could get the llama, or the heat Glock
Here is my handle, here is my spout; I’m a little teapot!
I said you better be afraid, cuz I got a hella crazy llama
That bitch hit everybody in the room, like Skelly baby mama
That Pat Stay battle, I told y'all I got a plan
Now I’m on stage armed with more neat-o lines than Hollohan
But it's the reason Bishop, that’s why they passing me checks
Y'all made me battle another washed up ass rapper
With that stiff ass Cassidy neck
I bet $35.00 you can’t do this… (puts chin over shoulder)
(Madchild tries to do it)
No no no no no no. Get your chin over your shoulder... not happening!
Yea real nigga, y'all know I write
If one of your mans get to trippin'
I’m off the stage with my arsenal, like the Showwoutt fight
2015, I told y'all I got this one
You win some, and you lose some but you live to see another day…
Well, not this one!


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