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KOTD: Madchild vs Dirtbag Dan

Очередная порция мясного баттла, на этот раз с участием Мэдчайлда. На площадке баттла KOTD появляются всё более и более интересные МС, которые приятно удивляют простых слушателей своими панчлайнами. Сегодня баттловая площадка приготовила вам выступление двух известных рэперов, а именно Madchild vs Dirtbag Dan. Кто был сильнее, чьи рифмы и панчи больше понравились публике, - узнаете, посмотрев весь баттл.
Для всех русскоязычных пользователей представлен Российский перевод!

Смотреть баттл между Madchild vs Dirtbag Dan:

Текст баттла "Madchild vs Dirtbag Dan":

[Round 1: Madchild]
I'm an angel not a demon and I live in black forest
A one man masked mass murdering task force
Madchild's back! You will get what you asked for
Once this battles done, ill drag your ass to the back door
Your fucking dead. Nothing but bearded moving corpse
And I can start a riot like my city when they lose its sports
Everything I do gets a news report
Everything you do gets a Jew's support
Soul Khan I'm a warrior like shogun
And yes I'm still medieval with a dagger and a cloak on
Red Dragon what you bragging about?
The only clouts your getting faggots from the magazine clout
Resurrection, you should check your information
I'm a rapper other rappers listen to for inspiration
Homie you have the worst sound
You rap like kids that hire me for verses that I turn down
My minds dangerous. I'm on remote control
Ill put your heart outta your chest and leave an open hole
I promise this will be a fucking vocal conquering
The fact I'm wasting time on you, take it as a compliment
You cannot come close to my accomplishments
You don't wanna rump with me
I come from sharing companies with stumping fees
Little Monster every concert is a conquering fleet
How dare you try to compare your shows where everybody comes for free
I bet you call up Soul Khan like I really need some comforting
How come no one wants to buy my records and nobody wants to sponsor me?
I've been back eleven months and got a healthy wallet
That's cause I run through more bars than an alcoholic
You don't wanna make waves and start a turf war
You'll drown while I rise to the top like a surfboard
Yet! Leader of the dwarf lords cooler than the North shore shooter on the fourth floor!
Now hears a message to my Rival
Meet me in the alley ill be gouging out your eyeball
I'm very merry while I carry every note
But you'll find it very scary when I'm tearing out your throat!

[Round 1]: Dirtbag Dan
Last week I battled Cadillac, So that's two drug addicts
Back to back. One popped pills, One shot smack, and the other one has got a few platinum plaques
Today is like a second intervention, accept we're dealing with the tragic fact that the glory days of battle axe are gone
And you can't have em back
Today, You're a washed up artist trying to find relevance through battle rap
Organik didn't tell you? well the homie PH already handled that!
You went from backpack rap to gangsta , but fucker you ain't bout it
Over two decades struggled to
Stay valid, started out strong but stumbled the main challenge
You couldn't stay balanced after you made balance
I bet to watch
You waste talent like that was a sad thing
And I bet now he feels bad about that now. since Mad's clean
He was rollin' with them thugs caught in the bad scene
He wishes everything beyond Bad Dreams was a bad dream
Especially Black Magic, and Armed to the Teeth. I should put my arms to your teeth, and do harm to your speech. You went from talking shit, to talking flaw-some whips on some beauty salon shit
Rocking frosted tips!
Bitch! We all know that life is mighty hard, and we find it quite
Bizarre that now a days you look like one of the fucking
Biker mice from mars
Like that fat little Indian kid said "step your life game up!"
For a pill popper you like pain but hey that's you
We all think its quite lame that your trying to be White Wayne with that fucking face tattoo. Fuck outta here!

[Round 2]: Madchild
I used to fly through space like a silver beam
Cocaine on flight little pills with green
But I quit, now I rap like an angry beast
When you see me waving come a white Handkerchief
Nah you don't want a problem with the little white goblin
You don't understand a thing, and I might start clobbering
I pulverize over-sized giants
Elders die, children cry silver eyed lion
I've been more [?] than Lord of the Rings
Its more than words, mortifying with the sword that I swing
Ask if I'm insane, that's a borderline thing
My head is spinning like a record by the 45 King
And I am good as gold. You'll get riddled full of bullet holes
I'm the puppet master, your a muppet with the woolly soul
My profession is aggressive as professional wrestling
More violent than biochemical weapon specialist
And I am known for excellence. Iron bones and mescaline. Rhymes from medieval times, flying stones and excrement. Will go till my back breaks, Rappers I will castrate
Hack you with an axe blade!
Now welcome to the octagon
I'm prepared for war cause I am armed like Dr. Octagon. Popping Oxycontin, taking vodka shots and Sake-bombs. Fucking everything from super groupie sluts to soccer moms. And I am on a different spiritual path
Life's a miracle I guarantee you'll feel my wrath
On a side note, get your mind blown, any time zone
We are the divine nine volt rhyme Triangle
Your not a rapper you should open up for Seinfeld
I'm one of a kind, a sublime rhyme minefield!
While your locking up my arsenal, you couldn't rap a parcel. Your a harsh-farce marshmallow with the arsehole
This is my first filmed battle and its awkward as shit
Make 200 round records platinum then come talk to me bitch!

[Round 2]: Dirtbag Dan
Now he was training for this battle jogging in front of the mirror and humming the Rocky theme
I said he was training for this battle jogging in front of the mirror and humming the rocky theme
But look at the size of this cocky queen
One shot will probably drop him clean
Now I was worried about this battle kinda
But then I realized that talk is cheap, and, well, i'm pretty sure his writtens would sound like Charron when he drops a free
Motherfucker was taking 20's, 80's daily!
That's what I call an Oxy fiend
Should of died like Billy Mays. Instead he got off Oxy clean. Somebody said he had a dick tattooed on his face
I said it's probably just a Swazi thing
Cause now a days he looks like a white supremacist
I'm surprised your Mixtape didn't have a Nazi theme!
Your little biceps are full of creatine
If I bopped this fucker he'd be seeing things
On some Tito Ortiz shit
Drop him quick and lock him in a guillotine
What i'm saying is, if you choose to flex
I will beat your little ass with your shoes to death
Don't puff your chest out, You can't use your pecks
Besides it looks like you can't move your neck
Now I knew you were going to say some shit about the sharks, But fuck the Canucks whats up now
I'd rather lose in the western conference finals
Than choke in the Stanley Cup round
And try burn my city the fuck down

[Round 3]: Madchild
Ok, Stupid doofus spitting mucus blabbering buffoon
Target Marketing, I'm spitting arsenic at this baboon
He said it once, he said it twice he's just an entertainer
While i'm a fire breathing, iron eating beast
That's drinking liquid Drano
You are a distorted portrait of assorted mortal horseshit
The truth the Lord I worship, my pen is my sword absorb it. The words I hoard are gorgeous
My minds a guarded fortress
More important than your Stupid jokes
You can't afford to forfeit
An intermediate not worth my time
Cause your a stand up comedian with words that rhyme
Now how are you gonna challenge dizaster motherfucker
I made balance, Bad Dreams, then Black Magic after
Now we just put out Dagger Mouth
Welcome to the dragons house
Name one, one fucking song that you can brag about!
Your in trouble Dan
Vampire with rubber fangs
Little Rocky here to knock you out like you were Clubber Lang. I know you think your group is hotter than the oven
But your DJ Itchy Scratchy look exactly like Mclovin
I get beats from Evidence and Rob the Viking
Cause I'm a violent beast
I get beats by Alchemist, You get beats by Skylar G
It's true! Right now I'm not allowed to go to Cali
But your allowed and your live shows were in a Bowling alley. Iv'e been around the world with cats like
GZA, Muggs and Ghostface
You battle when your parents write
You cheques for rent and groceries
Iv'e Shared the same stage with
Snoop Dogg, Nickelback and Coldplay
You've got a backpack with a toothbrush
A Nickel-bag and Colgate!
I've sold 800,000 CD's. It's all on the list
I checked your numbers on SoundScan
You do not exist!
I'm the opposite of old and bitter, one of the coldest spitters
And no, doing a song with you
Is something that I won't consider!


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