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Charron vs Pat Stay (Русские субтитры)

Pat Stay (настоящее имя: Patrick Stay ) - канадский боевой рэппер из Дартмута, Новая Шотландия . В настоящее время он имеет 31 сражение, в том числе 18 007 387 просмотров.
Чаррон (настоящее имя: Кори Чаррон ) - канадский боевой рэппер из Оттавы, Онтарио . В настоящее время он имеет 88 сражений, которые составляют 17 843 792 просмотров.

Смотреть баттл "Charron vs Pat Stay":

From King of The Dot’s Blackout 5 event in Toronto, Canada. Pat Stay, the 2-time King of the Dot Champion, takes on the challenger Charron who had been calling out Pat Stay for so long and so publicly that Pat could no longer ignore him.

Below is a great compilation video that captures the events leading up to this title match. One that many still consider one of the greatest and most controversial in KOTD’s history.

Друзья, это пока что первый переведённый Title Match, то есть битва за звание того самого KINGotd!!! Напоминаю, до этого Pat одолел уже таких мастеров сцены как Arcane, у которого он и отобрал цепочку, что к слову не получилось у Dizaster'а, а следом убрал и самого Dizaster'а. У Daylyt'а тоже ничего не вышло. И вот состоялась долгожданная схватка двух конкурентов, выходцев именно из лиги KOTD! Сможет ли Charron наконец отобрать титул у абсолютного чемпиона? Сможет ли Pat Stay в 4(!) раз отстоять свою цепочку победителя?
Ставьте паузу, выкупайте bars! Приятного просмотра!)

Текст баттла "Charron vs Pat Stay":
[Round 1: Charron]
It’s Canada’s favorite roid head, the skinny kids’ rival
They disregard your lack of bars 'cause you’re literally their idol
I don’t care if your arm strong, you’re a bitch that’s on a cycle
Like Lance Armstrong; it’s only right I strip you of your title
Back in Scotia, they filmed scraps
He didn’t punch or even strike
He just yelled from the back, like “Sucka free, get hype!”
Just ‘cause dude’s buffer, you’d think he’d chuck a decent right
Nah, you’re Bruce Buffer; you just talk before other people fight
You act tough with a crew, but never would scrap dolo
Funny you’re from the dark side, but can’t use your hand solo
You’re an insecure little girl, I think that it’s obvious
You portray this image to hide the fact that you’re a bitch with no confidence
I’ll battle you in an handicap stall and relinquish your dominance
‘Cause you’re such an attention whore, you can’t even shit without fishing for compliments
Rip his heart out, enjoy the rush
I’m usually tense but I ace it when noise erupts
Your handicap craps won’t amount to jack
Where’s the toilet brush
The King’s getting dumped in Queen Elizabeth
That’s a royal flush
I’m in an aggressive mood and I’ll step to you
End this dude when you poo
On the internet with views
Summon every special move up in Tekken 2
The king dies on the toilet; I’ll Elvis Presley you!
You know what rhymes with "sucka free"? Ducking me
Lately you’ve been crying in battles
I think you need a hug from me
I want to blow my brains out, I don’t care what’ll happen
Sometimes I get down on myself like Marilyn Manson
Shut up bitch, speaking of Marilyn, this 'roid head thinks he’s tough and rowdy
Since you juice I’m cut throat behind bars like the Sons finale
You recycled with Math and Shotty, didn’t think we could tell?
“He mad right now”, “embrace that shit”
You’re just grabbing schemes from the shelf
If all you do is reuse concepts you’re in need of some help
Your name should be history ‘cause you have a strange way of repeating yourself
His girl fucks for money, can’t afford her rent
She gave you multiple STDs and there’s more you’ll get
She treats it like Maple Leaf coaches when you’re erect
Pat burns, ‘cause she’ll ride your peter
If you give that whore a check
Casket, extra space, your brother stuffed in your resting place
You’ll be sleeping with your family like Kevin Gates
Them 'roids got you shriveling, deflates his fucking scrotum
Pat’s balls are so small Tom Brady wants to throw them
They like him better than me more, he’s over hype
Since Patrick sways these people, we’ll see how it goes tonight
Nah, they like him better Demi Moore, he’s overhyped
It’s Patrick Swayze; people ‘bout to see a Ghost tonight
You win off crowd control, make your bitch ass stutter
My punches connect with the fans like Hitman’s brother
And you said you want to fuck me
Who wouldn’t?
Come on, I’m fucking hot as hell bro
Thinking you're a modern-day composer
You compensate with cocky swag
'Cause all you got is great composure
You wanted me to grow? I’ll body-bag this joker
Now I’m straight shitting on him; potty training’s over

[Round 1: Pat Stay]
That Tom Brady line… what if I did do steroids and my balls shriveled up?
Who gives a fuck?
When’s the last time you heard a girl be like
“Girl, he got the biggest nuts”
I mean, wouldn’t that just make my dick look bigger
And hang lower?
As far as the game goes, when this blade I throw goes into your apple, it’s game over
From the cracks in the pavement I rose, a lion amongst sheep
I am the one
The front lead and only will there ever be one me
Try on my crown, but you'll never become king
Let me reiterate: you imitate, I innovate
Separating the word "dick rider" from the word "inspire"
I am the greatest
The chain's material, the title's a statement
A stone my name is engraved in
Welcome to my home, you're a guest in this house
For too long have I let you just lounge on this sectional couch
It's like I've adopted you, you've adopted everyone's style
So since you my child, I'mma rinse out your mouth with bars
I'm coming in swinging, sonny, listen
I'm about to bury you
King of the Dot champ versus the King of the Dot tramp
I'mma trample through
You begged for this, now I'm bagging you
Demand you demanded, this man'll dismantle you
Yeah, they cheer for you
But if there were no chants, there'd be no chance for you
Helicopter propeller chopper; the fans carry you
Dawg, it's gonna to be painful
Anal fisting: you're about to get that ass handed to
I'm not comparing you to animals when I say this cat's unbearable
He's boring, mechanical
Like a mythological horse dragon, you
Ride so many bandwagons, there should be
A horse dragging you
Was the proud nerd that embraced your image
And that's why they were fans of you
But years later he's letting the cannon shoot
Now they'll no longer stand for you
Understandable, cause you don't have to be Joe Budden to hear he abandoned you
He'll be so confused staring through the barrel trying to fit
Magazines and bananas through
He wouldn't dare shoot
In the forest wearing an orange camp flannel suit
Boy, if I start slamming you on the floor
It'll leave him in a state of horror
And sit his ass down like Orlando
You hear me? I can't stand this dude
Fucking manhandle you
Shove a pair of antlers through his cap like Camp Caribou!
I reference a children's show 'cause that's what I have to cater to
Now watch me lift up his skirt
Like the opening credits in Sailor Moon
Dawg, you said these lines in all seriousness:
"My squad supply in Bolivia
If I got the gat, I'll pop the pipe and get rid of ya"
Really bro?
You gonna buck the heater you little fucking wiener?
I could go on for days…
"Ooo fuck with me, head shot, buck fifty"… uh, really?
Could've sworn you're the most nervous little runt in this city
What hood are you from? Jane and Flinch?
But that's what they cheer for right now
So I get it, "buck fifty"; he just hears what the crowd likes and it goes from his ear to his mouth
Boy, you got shit backwards!
Dawg, look me in my pupils
Corey, stop it
You're a fucking harmless fucking loser
"It's Charron, I'll clutch the Ruger
Yeah I may be a fucking loser, but I started from the bottom like Drake and now I'm the future"
Bro you are literally the biggest fucking dick-sucking, wave-riding, trend-following, brown-nosing leech to ever exist
Just fucking accept the cards you were dealt
Stop copying everyone else
It's not you Corey, have some goddamn confidence in yourself
See all these Smack battles you watch
Got you acting all ratchet
'Til this hatchet I got winds up in your side and half of your body pops out like a Jack-in-the-Box
'Til somebody pops him for mocking
These American idols that he clearly misunderstood
Pallbearers crying, his body they carry under wood
I quote: "See I'm just skinny and smart
I don't think that I'm hard
I know I'm a nerd so I live with that card"
Y'all tripping right now
If you encrypted those bars I spit at the start
See I intertwined every line in genius-ly
Strategically picked him apart
And exposed the contradicting
Carbon copy, piece of shit that you are

[Round 2: Charron]
He flipped that Tom Brady bar, I'm like that's okay
Talking about big balls, I'm like okay, that shit's gay
But real talk, I'm the underdog
We talking football, I'm supposed to get killed by Patrick Stay?
This like Seattle on the 1 yard line: they gonna' be surprised when you pass away
He making fun of those gun bars, okay, fuck it I'ma flip this
You had a line about Joe Budden, that's nothing, I'ma rip this
Cause real talk, this'll be a total slaughter
It's nothing, just forget this
Besides you I look like 5'9" but you'll get more than a crooked eye if you butt in to my business
You're scared to battle in URL
Ducking all events on the calendar
When you threatened Marv then took off
You lost respect from every battler
I stood up to Suge in NY, they had respect for the challenger
You would've lost In New York cause you ran from Marv, like Kevin McCallister!
You declined battles on Smack
You could've made some decent money
You battle in Canada cause we're the only place that thinks you're funny
You headline -
You headline every World Domination
But it straight up seems to bug me
How you going to dominate the world when you're too afraid to leave your country?
You and Day' were supposed to be in Cali
You hide with the throne
You ain't a real champ
Until you make someone die on the road
You rely on reaction, you can't land lines on your own
You're a cordless phone
Cause you won't get reception when you step outside of your home
He'll talk about raping me like
"I want that wiener...Oscar Mayer"
And the crowd reacts like that's some Supa Hot Fire!!!
He smoking crack 'til he spaz out (spaz out)
Patty giving neck 'til he pass out (pass out)
I swear to God, all I do is black out (black out)
You be smoking rock, get up out that crack house!
Nah fuck that, you're a fiend that sparks
You want to talk about Jane and Flinch?
Alright let's do some T Dot shit if he is smart
Cause real talk, you're a crackhead, you're a fiend that sparks
This crackhead's getting his chain snatched
Like DMX in Regent Park
My Formula won/One, Danica Patrick can take that
Look at me when I'm killing you!
They claiming that Patrick raw
There's an avalanche on his face mask
I will take your fortune if they react to your lame craft
Light up the square with wordplay cause Pat doesn't say jack
Claim that you need a bigger name, I'm really just puzzled
I beat Clips, Magic, Ars'
Their views to yours are literally doubled
You think I'm unknown?
Good thing I'm quick to rebuttal
Guess that brought in someone nameless/Knaemlis to kill you like Twist versus Shuffle
After, I want Madchild, Bender, I'm ready to hunt now
I got a lot in store
All my Canadian Targets about to get shut down
You wet willy'd Jimmy, but gave I.C.E. daps for his shit
Against Math you said your African hype man was legit
You want to bang Daylyt?
You're on your Kim Kardashian shit
You're a fake ass diva that rides every black person's dick
You're unemployed and live at home, future's not bright
He's in his parents' basement, moonwalking all night
Practicing bars like "I'm a real dude
I poked my homie at his funeral, twice"
Until his mom walks in his room while he writes
Like "You're 29 years old, Patrick. The fuck you doing with your life!?"
Come on Patrick, you old plumber
Cause in battles you're the boss, celebrity type-ish
Always claiming you're tough, looking fresh in some nice kicks
But in songs you're a junky telling kids to never be like this
Which proves you're an insecure bitch going through an identity crisis!
You smoke crack through the cans you and Jeff would sip Sprite with
So, every hit you take is just a reflection of how pathetic your life is!
Back in Scotia he dropped the n-bomb when he was yakked
Your brother Peter got beat up by black people, it's a fact
You just stood there, he didn't scrap
That's how you treat your family?
What's "Sucka Free" about that!?
You should get into acupunctures, since you ain't eating off of rap
So you can finally make a living off of stabbing people in the back

[Round 2: Pat Stay]
You know I don't live with my mom
I live in Ottawa where you is, it's a known fact
Let's be honest, people: do I look like I smoke crack?
Yo, not fighting? That's bullshit and so wack
How many people you battle last year?
I knocked out more people than that this year he can vouch that
This real shit, swear on my life, my mother's life
Organik told me about the time he went on tour with you
And, in disgust, he told me a little story, too
Genuinely bothered
He said the whole trip he never changed his boxers
And the one time you showered is because they practically forced you to
They also told me how you're cheap
Got $50,000 in the bank but wouldn't spend a cent on food when y'all went out to eat
You'd just wait 'til they were done and eat their scraps
Then me, you and Swish went out for wings and you confirmed it's true
Swish shared a story too
He said you wore the same clothes for a month straight when he was on tour with you
Then he'd admit that me and Swish ordered food and he just ate off ours
How ironic: he's Jewish and scared to take a shower
Bro, you are the worst kind of rapper
Don't care about his hygiene as long as his bars are dope
Stinky little brat! Get a fucking bar of soap!
This is not a joke!
Seriously, you need this to stop
Organik only set this up cause he wanted to see you get washed
Aye, Right Guard, Old Spice, Speed Stick, Arid
Far as he knows right now, I'm speaking Spanish!
Maybe he'd wear it if they just changed the way it was branded
Like, "Smart enough for a man, but made for a little faggot"
Or how about when they watched you fuck that girl?
Your sore little birdy was out of commission
They told you to bend her over and you said, "I'm not good at that position"
Or how about the time you told me on Skype that you honestly can't stand black people?
But it's all good, I won't go in on ya
I know you wrote a rebuttal for that cause he knows
Watch his jeans though
When he lies, his knee grows!
He had the happiest most pleasant dream the other night
He remembers it was the summertime and the sun would rise
And a bus went by and hit a colored guy
Woke up in his Hitler onesie and there was cum inside
Yo, if you hear him say the word "cocoon", he's not referencing a butterfly
He just stuttered, guys!
Aye look, he mad right now
Aye, aye, wishing Black History Month would pass right now
Yo, you need to go home and take a fucking bath right now
La-di-da-di, got your bitch sniffing out my body
I'm fresh (*ttsk ttsk*), better ask somebody!
Ain't nobody dope as me, I'm just so fresh, so clean
(So fresh and so clean-clean!)
It don't make you no less racist just 'cause you bought some Ecko jeans!
You want me to stop swagging on you? It's not fair, eh? Swagga Genesis
All that and a bag of fucking Cheetos
I'm so gangsta, I can sag a fucking Speedo
You? Psst, please
Old regular bag of kettle chips
Look at me, I'm Shagadelic, bitch, Swagga Genesis, dawg!
You can't fuck with me!
I'm sucka free you gluten free
Ah, that ain't got nothing to do with me
Organik's little whore, probably got him to do this free
He'll make you shout out King Of The Dot at your mother's eulogy
"Dear Mom, I miss you. You had a heart of gold...Shout out to Trevor D Custom Jewelry."
Yo, see I make them lean in stitches
His shit's so meeeh, I seen his girl react and thought, "Wow
Drake's here and the Queen of England!"
Look, setup, punch, setup, punch, setup, punch
That's all you've ever done
See, I'm every element compressed in one
This a battle you gon' learn a lesson from
See, it don't matter if you've studied battles and you've got it down to a science
'Cause you can learn all the basic fundamentals, but there's not a class on what style is
See, it's not how big the build up is, it's how you design it
It's not how many times you punch, it's the power behind it
That's where you lost, bro!
I'm Rocky II, you trying to play Apollo
It's telling you something, Corey
You need to change your boxers!

[Round 3: Charron]
Hallohan gives him all of his rhymes
I know you ain't prepped for this
Every 16bit, that's why they call him Sega Genesis
Cause why you talking about Sega Genesis?
This is why we battling Pat
Oh it's just punch after punch, it's the power behind it
That shit's actually wack
You're talking about video games but all you do is swagger and make people have to react
So if this is video games, you're not Sega Genesis
Cat steals all the facts, why they hyping up PS for/PS4 when his game hasn't advanced?
Cause you just do that shit, got them laughing for months
"Oh am I styling on you? I guess my swagger too much"
He said I don't clean and I need some new boxers?
But these days, you're wacker than fuck
You like present day Ali, you too shook to be packing a punch
You said Hallohan's a snitch
Should've taken the wrap
But Mitchell White snitched on Hallohan
Then you started to hang with the rat
You befriended a snitch, Jeff copped another case
When someone rats on your boy, you're suppose to stop his fucking face
You're like Eve in the garden of Eden with the problems you create
A bitch that turned their back on God by talking to a snake
Against Diz' he said he cured a kids cancer, that was a great look
Well his name's Cole Wally and he messaged me on Facebook
He said he told you he told you he's a 13 year old fan with cancer, I swear this is true
Pat said, "If you're lying about cancer, I'll beat the shit outta you"
That shit's true
You think cancer's a joke? (No)
Really? You not talking shit about Cole Wally
You think cancer's a joke? Laugh again
I'll coach him in Toronto
There's no way Pat could win
Cause Hollohan helped a kid with cancer, this sucker should be sorry
Pat claimed it was him cause he's a scum that needs glory
I was Pat Stay before Pat Stay, this motherfucker's corny
You're Rick Ross, a self proclaimed boss that lives through someone else's stories
That shit's true about Cole Wally
But back in 'Scotia he got charged, he's a criminal out there
He wasn't busting pistols in the air
When you were 18 you got locked for pushing your little sister down the stairs
Who know what rhymes with "sucka free"?
Protective custody
You put hands on a little girl, you're scum to me
See I was gonna prove all these stories were true
I was gonna say they were facts right now
Don't you find it weird that Hollohan ain't beside Pat right now?
I was gonna say, "If this was true. Switch sides on your man right now."
But Pat found out, said if I brought Hollohan on stage I was getting stabbed right now
You wanna threaten me with violence, I'm 'bout to spaz right now
Don't talk that shit, I'm on my grown man right now
You wanna scrap right now? Why would you do that? That shit's wack right now
You call me "racist" saying I don't like people that are black right now?
Well c'mon, at least I ain't afraid to come out my country and go on Smack right now
But yo, he found out, he found--how did you find out about my Hollohan angle?
I'm so mad right now
I wish I didn't spit my bars to Bishop Brigante so bad right now
Nah, nah, he's sad right now
Heart pumping so fast right now
His little sister's crying loud from the ground right now
Wanting to smack him like the brother she never had right now
That's real shit, you got exposed
You got exposed, that's how the story unfolds
But since y'all know the real Pat Stay
It's time you meet the real Corey Charron
Cause you dissed Marv's brother for autism...think it's hella jokes?
Well, I was diagnosed with a form of autism when I was twelve years old
Non-verbal learning disability
I was told by the doctor
I don't mean to move my hands like this, or be socially awkward
But they say I gotta change my image
What you know about being clinically depressed?
Being told you're prone to suicide when they administered a test
Getting beat up in elementary school cause you're a skinny little pest
Crying while you're forced to take meds cause you're different from the rest
I can't even-I can't even hold eye contact...it's really true
But I block it out and make you LOOK AT ME when I'm killing you
See I used to be ashamed, and I realized I'm not crazy
After everything I've accomplished, I'm happy how God made me
But you, created a fake image to find worth from all your friends
You're not a boss, you're a scumbag in a world that is pretend
The judges might rob me, so fuck the verdict at the end
You win battles off being comfortable, but at least I'm comfortable with the person that I am!
See, that's that real shit
That's that real shit, I'm ruining vets
I just killed Pat Stay, tell that bitch Mook he's next!

[Round 3: Pat Stay]
Yo, that cancer Cole shit's fake and we can call Cole to witness
I just sent a Christmas present to Cole
You wouldn't send him coal for Christmas
Real shit, I've been curing cancer patients
But I can't cure "38 Pounds, Squirmy Greyhound, Nervous Breakdown, Praying Mantis, Shaky Faggot"'
Yo, and you know what bro?
You see this guy right here, up here in the wheelchair in the front row
His name's Joel
I brought him upstage with me with my Compliment Battle with Rone
True fan
I bought his plane ticket to be here tonight at this show
And I met him once!
I'm more of a stand-up fucking guy than you can ever know!
You would never do that shit
I've done more for this culture than you could ever imagine
We depend on my classics
If I didn't beat Arcane, our chain would've went from metal to plastic
Wouldn't never have lasted, we were pedaling backwards
On the last threat of the patch of our letterman jackets
Organik was forced to book all the American rappers
And Smack almost wiped us out so I stepped up and snatched it
Wait, now let me just ask this
What if I conformed, too, and just tried to blend in with Smack?
Now everyone raps identical, next thing you'd know we're done cause there's no separate brackets
And what kind of leader would I be if I let that shit happen?
And that's why I'm Lieutenant and Captain
The last original, the staple that kept us intact, bitch
I AM King Of The Dot, my name's embedded in that shit
A legendary status you will never establish, this is my shit
Your motherfucking highness, I am
Everything you ever wanted to be, I'm the star you strive to align with
I am the man on the top of that mountain you struggle to climb that you
Didn't even try, you think it's a lie
Then why am I a bigger name than you when you've done so much more THAN I DID?!
I'm just-I'm just a more superior human besides this
He knows it too and it eats him alive
Cause my perfections reflect the weakness inside him
You will never...ever...ever be my equal
You are nothing but a fucking puppet
Who gets that underdog pity from people
A coward who gets tough in battles with dudes that are looked at as bullies
Cause he knows...it's the only place he'll get away with that shit
But it makes him look like a hero
See, Suge let it slide when you grabbed him like that
Figured he was half his size, it wouldn't feel right
I'm the type to whoop that ass to teach you
This battle rap shit ain't real life
Swear to God
I'm the same dude when the camera's on when the camera's off
You'll never see me front on camera like George Costanza's boss
You need a punch in the face
This the kid that went on Smack and stereotyped all white guys as socially awkward nerds with little dicks
You are a fucking disgrace
"Uh, where's my Don Demarco"
Shut up, you little fucking creep, they should've gave you a Donnie Darko
C'mon, I'm gonna flow on your side so you can feel how it feels, 'kay?
Charron, I will always be the king
They wanna give you the chain then take it
Hate to say this, but y'all make it more like an ankle bracelet
See the reason I just got you to switch me sides, I did that to make a statement
That you can hold down my position for me but you will never trade me places
The king!


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