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Shuffle-t vs Marlo (русские субтитры)

Марло (настоящее имя: Тео Марлоу ) - британский боевой рэппер. В настоящее время он имеет 22 сражения, которые составляют 3923 739 просмотров.
Shuffle T (настоящее имя: Adam Woollard ) - британский боевой рэппер. В настоящее время он имеет 30 сражений, которые составляют 4 889 225 просмотров.

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Текст баттла "Shuffle-t vs Marlo":
[Round 1: Shuffle T]
Yo, fuck this
You ain't even on my level
Get in here bruv

My bars, is like a bar, I cannot be beat
It's like you're staring at the floor, the way you see defeat
And you have got herpes

[Shuffle T]
Shout out to Anton Murphy
If there's one thing to say, then I'm telling him this
You're disgusting-ing mate, you smell of some piss
How many times have I saved you? Pfft...76
I've saved your bacon, like I stored a collecton of pigs
And when I draw the weapon man, I don't mean no pen and pad
What, don't you get it? Damn, have to do the temple tap
No, but we said no gunbars, so I've gotta come hard
To beat this fucktard, like he's been fucked hard
Now I'm so sick, I need to take a week off
You're not sick, you only fake a wee cough
Your girl is inflatable, she says I'm the better MC
But I had to punch her/puncture, that's why the girl is now empty
But she still wanted some more, wanted to hold herself against me
So that's when I had to, let her down gently
You're a stupid ho brah
You'd even bite a biter, sure you'd chew a cobra
You always act up when someone shoots a photo
So it's like you have a problem with the CEO of the league
Because you a poser
But it's like rap is a dog, and you're a vet
Because you're new to this/neuter this
You're paedophile mate, I've seen the way you look at kids
Your punches are dumb, prick
Even you'd admit you have stupid fists
You're really bad at this, no being good at this
But right now, it's like I've got a clock on a plane, cause I've got airtime
Winnie the Pooh and a grizzly too, I've got bear rhymes
So if he comes near me, I'll taze him
The roof ain't my child but I'll raise it
It's like your knees are eating grass, cause they'll be takin a grazing
Cause I'm like what Eurgh says when the head judge enters; MA's in
When I win this, people will be like, oh...you won too
And I'm not counting to the second number when I give you 1 2
I'm doing that to your face, because I do want to
And I'm not doing wordplay on your footwear when I do punch you/pun shoe
Now you went to Australia, to re-order your life, shit B it's true
Went there to sort some shit out, and the bitches sweet to
But when he came back, he was the same mise(e)rable dude
So tell me, whilst out in Australia...what did you re-do?/didgeredoo?
Old faggot, cockstees
It's like you were trying to rap the rapper Zen into a cigarette on my back
The way you went Rolf Harris on me/roll Faris on me
This kid's the man, when I throw CD's at the crowd
That's when shit hit's the fan
And yo, honestly g, you're an obvious geek
You're a novice to me, and you suck in my eyes, like an optical leech
So I'll take all your family members, and get someone from special ops to kill each
And remember that girl, Apris? In our film studies...yeah you do...she was in our film studies, had black rim glasses...yeah Apris
She was great dude, but I ain't talking about liking having you around when I say Apris she hate's you/appreciates you
It's like I took the M-A-R-L-O out of your name, and replaced it with K-I-C-K-E-D
The way you get kicked
With my fist
I've got a lyrical gun, I've got a lyrical knife
The barrel lyrically spun, and then I lyrically slice
And so I lyrically won, beacause I'm lyrically nice
I'm saying lyrically once, I'm saying lyrically twice
It's not fucking cool to be with him, what a shit man
It's like I'm the opposite of an industrial cooling system...not a big fan
Cause you're irrelevant, You're more pause worthy than that six seconds
In Fifth Element where that girl gets out her tits and everything...cause you pause it on the tv
Yo, people say outside of here...we're friends
Pfft...they're rumours
So I've gotta get something off of my chest
Breast tumors
You always finish the milk, you cunt
Don't get me wrong, sippy cup...give a fuck
Drink it up, swig a jug, but when you're out don't be a penny pinching slut
Reach out your hand, extend your fingers and fucking pick some up
Living together, we always have massive rows
And I think it's pretty classic how, when anyone steals this faggot's towel
He turns into Pacquiao
Act like a fucking gangster now
Am I glad we had this battle, oh totally
I'm glad we cleaned this up, no OCD

[Round 1: Marlo]
A towel man, that was some fucking basic shit
Just for that, yeah
You better believe I've got a greater flip
It's like I've drugged a sweet flavoured spread I normally have on toast
Cause this will be dope jam
And I ain't opening no packets of Bernard Matthews
But I'll go ham
Oh shit, you don't know man
No wait, slow that, I said you're like the ladies toilet
No man!
If there was a prize for uptight awkward prick... He'd win it
Whereas ladies call me the sambuca shot I buy for them at the bar cause I'm such a free spirit
I'll take your girl to my summer home in Devon cause she thinks my cock's big
It's like I'm buying Halal poultry the way I get that 'chick in cottage'
This shit is crunch time
Bitch you sometimes stink of sun dried bits of fungi
Ou think you've won right? I'll get my dwarf mother to hit you with her car
S'how I kill him with MINI MUM DRIVE
I'll destroy this gay fuck
He's a square. So if he ever took flying lessons that's the only time you'd see him shape up
I'll cross out the F.F.L.E. from your name, then you'll be SHUT
I'm more relevant with bars than saying something about North Korea
It's like I'm finishing a bar about North Korea and making it rhyme with North Korea
The way you're a queer
He can't turn gay women straight cause they say this pleb's dick is small
It's like you're putting on a musical about the French revolution the way you make a Les Miserable'
It's a miracle...you ever even win dude
Your schemes are shit and you're weak as shit too
It's like you're moulding bread dough in an effort to affirm the credibility of the 2011 Times Change finalist
Cause you need to improve
And look, we've been boys since 08. So first of all
I'll expose everything about this nerdy fool
You'll probably think I'm mugging a woman; cause I'll get purse-n-all
I'm from Reading, he's from Bracknell, so you know I'll go in hard here
But apparently I collect trimmings from trees
Cause I'm the only one carrying Berk Sheer
I don't give a damn what your real name is
Oh wait, Adam's what your real name is
See his real name's Adam but he's really just a fag gay
I bet if you accidentally wrote your name backwards you'd really be 'mad a'
And I'm not talking two-dimensional procreation when I tell you he's my flat mate
But living together means shit always kicks off; match day
You haven't paid me your rent this month, I know you've been busy so you've obviously dodged the curb
But Holly's already dropped me hers
So what's the problem jerk?
It's like you choked a final round against Jack Sexton the way you forgot your third
Oooohhhhh, this shit just got incredibly wheel!
And it doesn't just stop with the P
You never wash your clothes
At least one of his socks isn't clean
So I'd never accuse him of being the very cleanly essence that makes me shine But I will say
You'se the wash in m'sheen
Real talk, I'm not certain you're a lad
A couple years ago I think we went to Thorpe Park for your sister's birthday...?
So I'mma murder you with that
I'm your nemesis
Infer no more
Your girl goes saw
When I stealthily detonate my colossal samurai sword
And a tidal wave of my sperm load swarms
My log leaps like quantum
Onto her hot cheeks and bottom
But would I tap the walls of ex; no way, outs
Not even joshing
Cause you may be my best friend
But you're not the best...mate
Remember Joseph Kingsland from our old class in film dude?
Yeah? Yeah?
Well, Joe King aside, I'll kill you
This dude's a poser
Stupid loner
I wake up every day wishing he'd move to Goa
So when I'm done here
He'll have 'bean bagged'
No comfortable alternative to a sofa
I mean come on Shuff, don't act like you better man
We both drank Pepsi Max from those same old Pepsi cans
When I say he's boring. I'm not simply messing
I call him insomniac, cause he's not into-resting
And I say that ironically. Cause this slob barely ever gets out of bed
He's lazy, straight shagging the alphabet!
Come on Shuff, don't act like you better man
At that restaurant from Uzbekistan we both had to share a nan
Your bars are like Pizza Hut crusts
Packed with that cheesy whole and
You spitting any kind of phat shit that we condone is
'PRETTY REMOTE'. Like an attractive TV controller
Your bars... are like a lord of the rings film set miniature: an 'ork wood creation'
And I thought they were su'Poster be big'... No oversized wall decoration
This mans sets are wack
Mate, nowadays, swag gets you dap
But you've never had a bird kiss your butt cheeks
So I guess that's just an "ass-pecked you lack"
See I'm great; no wall of China
You flop; no awkward diver
You think you're hard? I am harder
No prodigy, but I'll smack your bitch up cause I'm a firestarter
I hope you're offended. You don't pose a threat bitch
I'm glad you finally found that hearing-impared female wizard you were looking for
Cause it's apparent you have a 'deaf witch'
Your bars are more played out than slow it down
Slow it down!
I said; you have slow wit, drown


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