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Rone vs Kid Twist (русские субтитры)

Рон - американский боевой рэппер из Филадельфии, штат Пенсильвания . В настоящее время он зарегистрировал 41 битву, из которых 14 764 566 просмотров.
Кид Твист (настоящее имя: Алекс Ларсен ) - канадский боевой рэпер из Торонто, Онтарио . В настоящее время он зарегистрировал 43 сражения, из которых 6 513 188 просмотров.

Смотреть баттл "Rone vs Kid Twist":

Кид Твист нанимает на свою сторону местного политика в этой победной битве от «Мирового господства 5» KOTD.
Кто : Рон (Филадельфия, Па.) Против Кид Твист (Торонто, Канада)
Где : «Всемирное господство 5» KOTD в Торонто, Канада
Когда : 21 августа 2015 года
World Domination 5 event.

Текст баттла "Rone vs Kid Twist":
[Round 1: Kid Twist]
If you follow Rone in Instagram, you might be confused about the pics he takes
He isn't making kissy face
That's just the way his lips are shaped
What would my one word to describe Rone be? Brony
Wait, you went viral and now no one's gonna stop you?
Who you think you are Kony?
But those people just know him as "the poet"
So the only way you'll cake off that boost in viewers
Is if YouTube puts them in the viral hits reunion tour
And we see him on stage performing all his "hard hitting" rhymes again
Trying to rap while Sharkeisha is fighting him and Charlie is biting him
But that shit was poetry, something deep teens will quote in their diary
Except for the flip you tried where you fucked up the whole thing entirely
You're in an improve troupe and still freeze when you don't know what your line should be
So you can learn from Robin Williams when I put you in the Dead Poet's Society
It's Grandma's Favorite Grandson
You live a charmed life
But both my grandma's are dead son, I live that hard life
You're the dumb jock type
You go to baseball games in a cap
Where it straight to the back
Then keep your eyes shaded like that
I'm about to body both of us
Cause you told Nils you're skinny but in shape
Except the straight line is one dimensional so skinny is not a shape
Then you told Day you'd give him the rockies
With this mini stick body, let's be real
You'd get knocked out in mini stick hockey
Smack vaulted you
It's like Goose in Top Gun on how that came about
Cause you faced the Danger/Danja Zone and went in but never made it out
And ever since that Danja bout, they won't invite this guy back
So URL friend zoned you, they just don't like you like that
I mean, I don't know why
I mean, you can be compared to multiple gangsters
But it's not because you're tough or deadly
It's because you got a Babyface and the swagger of Machine Gun Kelly
But your music is more like Green Day without the fandom and groupies
You're an American Idiot and your first album was Dookie
But hey, you come from money
So you don't care about your music's price of license fees
Taking out the yacht is the only time he's concerned with piracy
This spoiled brat has two clear wins inside the league
And off of that you thought that you would have the title seized?
Nigel please!
Fuck outta here

[Round 1: Rone]
Yo, he said I messed up my rebuttals, but I'm iller than shit
Well I am Joseph Kony cause I'm killing this kid
(Cause he killed kids...do you remember?...Alright...)
Ah, let me start off giving thanks to God
First and foremost let me be clear
If ancient civilizations hadn't made them up a couple thousand years ago none of us would be here
Second, shouts to my peeps in Japan
Third, shouts to my legion of fans
And fourth shouts to me for taking a shitty opponent and being the man
So ah...Organik connected with me telepathically
A brainwave came through and hit me
Shit, I was down in Orlando, you know, taking the crew to Disney
Boy, I was on the beach when the squad made the move to get me
I traded the rays for a short stop in Toronto like Tulowitski
But I heard your girl's real tech savvy
On some interesting shit
I heard she's into live streaming...so I pissed on the bitch
But I got accounts with Apple music, shit I'm always going viral
I'm in my prime so it's problem to take my spot if I/Spotify want the title
But I'm always carrying my battles and this one ain't an exception
So tell me Twist, what are YOU gonna do to make this battle get some attention?
Bro, you better fake an awesome choke
Then run off like it's all she wrote
Then come back on a boat, swinging off a rope
Wearing solid gold, bitch hanging off your pole
Bro, you better stop the show, massage Charron
Cook pasta smoke, jerk off to blow, sock a hoe
Drink a Vodka whole then disappear in a ball of smoke
I am here to prove it's possible to neuter a bitch
And I got son/sun lined up like a lunar eclipse
The way you move your arms, what type of movement is this?
Are you doing The Robot or are robots doing The Twist?
I said, 20/20, what's that? Your vision or your pant size?
50/50 I'ma Earth him, or get his bitch baptized
I got your old bay like crab fries
You need your bars up like your jack died
You and me, fucking can't bind
It's all eyes that we're allies
Try flipping how I'm flowing and that'll get you capsized
Bro you aren't fitted for this New Era and I ain't talking cap size
But this ain't the type of shit that he's finna get on
He's just another snack another feast that I set on
Anytime I see that fucking beef, take it head on
This the type of shit that Meek should've been on!
Bro, believe that shit. Believe that shit. Believe that shit
I wish that was my beef because I was born ready
I would've walked in city hall and slapped the shit outta Norm Kelly
See, he let some of us down but I'm not fucking around
You go Back 2 Back on me and I'm doubling down
Boy, Meek called off the dogs, that shit was fucking retarded Twist
I ain't calling off the dogs until they're done with your carcass
Let's go baby

[Round 2: Kid Twist]
See, you played right into my hand
I made you do a rebuttal to try to prove that you could fuck with me
So I feel like a proud dad, me and Nils have to share custody
And you're doing lines about title?
That's prove I was fucking right to doubt you
Cause you could get a co-sign from every celebrity and no one would give a fuck about you
Rone really loves his country
Coming from a rich white guy, wow, no one would've thought
The rest of us can't fucking stand you, I guess it's lonely at the top
Catch me shouting, "I hate America" as I'm rolling through your spot
With Ariana Grande doing donuts on your block
Cause me, Corey, Pat and Bulletz are putting heads in a bag
We'll X your country's stars, that's the confederate flag
And yeah, rap is American, but you can't claim cultural ownership
When your family was so deep in the slave trade they probably owned the ships
I'll walk all over the stars and stripes
Like the socks you wore against The Saurus
Or like when you sold your city out to Eur' and help the foreigners extort it
In the Revolution, Philly fought against the British invasion
In 2015, Philly needs the British to save them
Your biggest tracks is probably the one about lynching you sang at your frat parties
Even as a kid, Rone segregated his black Barbies
You shave once a month and you talk in obnoxious memes
You must've promised your soul to the devil to make you a constant teen/Constantine
Cause you've stuck with Boyhood longer than Richard Linklater
And if you didn't get that one, it's cool; I'll post a link later
You drive a car your parents bought, can't even pimp your own ride
You're like Simba after Scar took over, that's a prince with no pride!
You got at Day for using antics, you were using antics though
If Day rapped we would've seen Lincoln killed during that theatric show
And your lost to Eric is a stain the rematch never could rinse
It's like forensic evidence since DNA proved better than Prince/prints
Yeah, what else you done the past two years?
Let's see...
A bunch of cancelled matches, some garbage showings overseas
Some shit with Marv and Patrick for practice
Your third for T and your list of odds of Pete...classic status
That's a 1.5 hot round every ten battles average
So we talked about your country and your career
This is where we mix 'em up
You act like the star player when you're a hair from getting cut
So your shitty bars are tribute to your heritage enough
You're all style no substance

[Round 2: Rone]
Yo, if y'all check out my style, you know it's nothing but subtle
You made a rebuttal about my rebuttal well fuck your rebuttal
You're the world's least relatable rapper
And fucking...it's really not debatable
Like there's a problem when your own family members can't even find you relatable
Like you're so pejorative, so pessimistic and you can tell he's not pretending
If you were a prisoner going downstairs you couldn't be more con-descending
Like, who is your audience?
You're off-target, junior
Compare him to me and my bars hit smoother
Your obscure references make you a hardcore loser
And alienate the soldiers' minds like it's Starship Troopers
(Remember in Starship Troopers when the aliens...take the soldier's minds?...)
Ahh, so you were supposed to have this book that was gonna get this game changed
It was gonna be your next chapter, but you're still stuck on the same page
I mean, you are the world's worst fiction writer, and I've got proof
You don't write gun bars because they're not true
I mean, you'll write about shit that's magical
But won't write about shit that's tactical?
When that chopper will write its own story, that's semi-autobiographical
Those Berettas...all that
Like Kenan and Kel
I'm passing the manicotti, when I reach you get shells
I make the carcasses Zack Morris; let it ring like a bell
You want beef? I make Patti's, let it sing like LaBelle
But...yo, you are the world's worst type of white person
(It's bad)
And you got me going wild
If you looked up things that white people like...you would be the poster child
I mean, bro, I hope that you choke on your kale and your quinoa
I'll make your hippy chick, hipster bitch give me a rim job
You want beef? I can play the part
I'll catch you at your shady bar
Smash the craft beer out your hand and then smash you with the mason jar
Bro, and just as soon as you're getting better
I'll corner your squad at the civic center
I'll ruin all your get-togethers by snapping and cracking your vintage records
Bro, fuck your beta carotene and your over-parenting
Fuck your Mexican colas and your natural granola
Fuck your social victims and your soy addiction
Fuck your counting calories and your gluten allergies
Yo, fuck all of the blogs you watch, the paper you write your comics on
Your boutique restaurant's ambiance
Your side job and the dogs you walk
Fuck your hemp-wearing entourage
Your faggot dad, your pompous mom
Fuck your refurbished Donkey Kong
Your vegan lollipops, your local sake spot and your organic coffee shop
I hope you skip a vaccination and then die from an infection
You are ruining the world with your political correctness
So it's time for you to retire and just move on closer to death
And it'll be just like last time when no one notices you left
Let's go

[Round 3: Kid Twist]
Okay, I'm back now, so we can have a break from the wacker shit
Speaking of semi-autobiographical
Did you notice the list of things that white people like was incredibly accurate?
So see, this is the rebuttal game now
We're talking major flips versus blatant shit
And yeah, no one can relate to this
They don't know how it feels to be as fucking great as this
And you wanna talk about my book? Yeah I scrapped it
Cause that was just a process for ah...
That was just a process for me to grow more...
Aw fuck
You wanna talk about my book?
Yo that was just a process for me to grow over time
And I know when to scrap a draft, for instance, most of your lines
Rone really hates fat people
Hates 'em
So I bet some paper you were fat as a seventh grader
You know the worst thing about fat people?
Having to listen to their self-righteous oddly obsessive haters
I should roll with some heavyweights to the hotel where you're headed later
And squeeze in your same elevator with a boombox playing Meghan Trainor
You speculated on the frequency with which The Saurus jerks off
I have never had a worse thought
Reed Dollars heard that verse and gave Philly its first pause
And you told '60 you'd send his girl pics with a dick in your hand
By now, that's a societal norm
But if you send a girl a dick pic, she'd report you for child porn
See, so it's clear that theater and journalism have been your occupations
You act overdramatic while making simple observations
It's funny, you have Kreayshawn's voice and spit the most basic of lines
I don't give a fuck how many athlete's names you can rhyme
And it was only your verse that went viral
Cause they found a white kid they could trumpet
It's like a text to watch Netflix and chill; we know that's really some fuck shit
Cause yeah, your delivery's tough and you have fillerous punches
So if you think he's dope, ask yourself
"Just 'cause it sounds ill, is it substance?"
I don't care if your flow's sharper
Every bar that I've wrote's smarter
You couldn't see the shit I cut, I'm feeling like Rone's barber
My shit hits deep in The Dome, I make you think about a joke harder
He's from Philly; my shit hits deep in The Dome, Joe Carter!
Your city gave us battle legends, you won't get your name called in the group
You're Jimmy Fallon, little talent you just bank off Philly's Roots
I mean, your whole persona is whiteness
I said, you're trying to be the white Ness
A black guy's style for white heads, your rap name should be White Dreads
Cause your shit is insufferable
Tell me, what have you ever struggled through?
Oh, you had to carry the iron...no caddie to hold your clubs for you
But he might be packing some things
'Cause based on the raps that you bring, you're Philly as hell
Liberty Bell, you're showing cracks in the ring
Look, so my city is winning back-to-back
You'll have nightmares and dreams about this
I'll beat you so bad Meek Mill will post memes about this
And you thought I was gonna let him talk shit about Norm Kelly?
Like I'd let my City Councillor be blatantly disgraced?
But, if you wanna say some shit to Norm, then you can say it to his face!

{Norm Kelly comes out, crowd goes nuts}


[Round 3: Rone]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, Norm where you going?!
Yo, yo, he just brought up Norm Kelly; that was some corny shit
Norm, come back here...you're a bitch!

{Crowd goes nuts again}

[Rone screaming]
But I'ma start off...
Fuck that man...fucking bringing out politicians...man, what the fuck is that bullshit?

Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen
I know I dissed that old white guy
Ahh, so I'mma start this round off...you like literary devices right?
I'm gonna start with an allegory, you know what an allegory is?
You'll pick it up from the context
Ah, so on holidays and birthdays
I give wrapping paper as a gift
I just, could never get the folds right, plus, I'm lazy as a bitch
And even though it gets laughed at, you gotta know all of that's fact
And of course the moral of the story is, you gotta know when you can't wrap/rap
I'm tired of these half-stepping dweebs; we are beyond geeks
I bet his own heart don't even beat on beat
I mean yo, like your girl, bet she'll leave ya
Cause you can't even please her
Sex with you is probably like an epileptic seizure
I mean, you don't even pay attention to the pace that your rhyme
You have no natural rhythm and it's killing my vibe
You'd have a spasm trying to stay on beat to "Staying Alive"
You'd try to give CPR you'd wind up killing the guy!
I mean, people act like Kid Twist is so smart
I'm thinking, "Damn it, that's absurd."
The only smart thing he ever did was brand himself as a nerd
See if you're so smart, why don't you have ways to optimize your brand?
If you're so smart, why don't you have ways to monetize your fans?
If you're so smart, why are you underemployeed and living like a slob?
If you're so smart, why were you begging Battle Rap Chris for a job?
If you're so brilliant, why is your record rife with debate-ables?
If you're so brainy, why can't you write something relate able?
You're this genius, why these morons get you stuffed in a hearse?
If you're so forward thinking, then why's your career stuck in reverse?
Bro, you're this writer, why haven't you put your word out once?
Oh you know business? Then why are they selling my merch out front?
See me, I'm more than just the views that I get
Outside opportunities, I use them the best
Press conferences, hosting Pay-Per-Views, I'm like, "check"
I do the battles, then I do the interviews at the events
I mean, Organik better watch his back cause I could probably host better
Fucking Queens better...I said Queens...What?! And where's Norm man? And where's Norm?
Alright then fuck it...
Then Gully better watch his back cause I could probably host better
Fucking Queenz Flip better watch his back cause he knows I can roast better
You better watch your back cause I could probably write yours better
Shit Mindbender better watch his back cause I could probably do porn better
I mean, my talents compared to him are enough to spellbound him
But I can't be shocked that this square isn't well rounded
I mean, you pioneer being a bitch in battle rap and expect to get rewarded
I don't respect the trail you blazed, in fact, watch me scorch it
I'll fuck your girl, record it
I'll fucking- (who is that?)
Yo, I'll fuck your girl, record it
I'll have your maid, deported
I'll whoop your ass and then make you apologize to me for it
See, it's more than the fact that you've never made tracks we can bump on a CD
It's more than the fact that you came crawling back to a league that shunned you completely
It's more than the fact that you've got me battling on a rung that's beneath me
It's the fact that no one who has ever come from your country can beat me
{Boo's from the crowd}
Yeah that's right, I came HERE and said that shit
Same with Australia or South Africa
I put 'em down the same
I put the West Coast on their toes and now they tiptoe 'round my name
I say the same about...the fucking...Midwest...fucking...
Yo I don't even give a fuck
You suck bro, you're terrible
I'll casket him up, and that's just for fun
They want a World Domination, well, fucking that's how it's done!


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