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KOTD: Daylyt vs O Red ( )

KOTD: Daylyt vs O Red ( )

O-Red - , - . 30 , 9 598 133 .
( : ) - , . 71 , 21 802 105 .

"Daylyt vs O Red":

Standout battle and first release from GO-Rilla Warfare's "The Crown 2."

Who: Daylyt (Los Angeles, Calif.) vs. O-Red (Newark, N.J.)
Where: GO-Rilla Warfare's "The Crown 2" in Markham, Ill.
When: Nov. 21, 2015

"Daylyt vs O Red":
[Round 1: O-Red]
Lets put all these suckas dodging Lyt in one circle
You who I got to bite next for sho, Red
So I brought a perfect round for this bloodsucker, O Red
Whats popping, B? I hear you popping, B
Well where Im from, even stars get a round for that flag: thirteen colonies
Thats food for thought on your plate, O(Plato). Socrates with philosophy
Keep it going? I kick that shit: soccer cleat
Keep it going? Any rapper I de-feat, Wu Tang, that mean Im Wallabee
Keep it going? Grape street, my Mobb Deep, causing Havoc, the prouder G(Prodigy)
It take one eye to see(Odyssey), even the oddest see I- you be killing me
When you rap, the shit sound like a soliloquy
You very Pat Stay: you out your cotton-picking mind thinking you whipping me
Its three rounds; your three stories wont make you triller, G(Trilogy)
Chicago. Yall ready for me to kill this geek?
Say no more. Lets rock, Davone. Hope you like Papa Johns
cause tonight thats what you eating, and Im treating
Bitch you hear what Im speaking but you aint peeping it. Can I translate it for him?
That mean if you try angles(triangles) in your rounds youll get boxed;
Red rounds over the top, Ill pepperoni your piece of(pizza)
Hold on. Aint Kannon on the team you with?
Well Im just saying, when I snapped in Chiraq he had a front seat to it
How its me you get? I see the shit. Devious. Paul paid me to get Peter picked
Ironic how your teamll get freezing stiff when that heater lift
Have every Grape here(hair) on lock; Wiz Khalifa shit
That shotty have bodies looking like cheetah print
Your team aint cut too solid, so when they see your caesar split, them Cs a split
Rican clip: Ill bend day
For the mucho dinero or pesos, fuego. Ay dos mío, I can see in Day. Comprende?
(Cortez got that.) This toon fucked. Hentai
If Red face you here(hair), Ill crack a(cracka) battle rapper with a Bigg K
One through the middle of this weak(week) nigga
Fuck up your winds, Day(Wednesday)
Got to aim six inches below the target when the shit spray
The chopper(chop a) half of a foot off: Kunta Kinte
Ill bag cans for your six pack. Im Corona Lite
With a Carol Anne clip, that mean that shitll go in Lyt, no Poltergeist
Ill take his blade, hold it tight, and stab you with your homie knife
If you dont jet, I(jedi), use Lyt saber, Im Yoda nice
Tonight, Im a demon
Dropping thirty. This gon be rack, tree-oh, Im making Day lie(De La), Souls is leaving
A pair of docs youll be needing for the paradox of me squeezing
Meaning if I spit a round, youll catch it and be sleeping
This magazine that I got National Geographic:
Headshot from the Lama for the issue. Push his beak in(beacon)
Send Lyt to the sky. Im just trying to get a signal. Official. His life deaded
Acting dizzy in the dome, Ill put a bullet in Days(daze)
Now heavens gate is where Lyt headed(lightheaded)
Nah, you aint make me mad, Im sorry, my nigga. I just got to do you bad
Since you Spawn and Im dog, its only right that I Spaz
Youll get shot in front your son, king. When that burner bang
Leave a grape splattered all over his Prince. Whats that? Purple Rain
I call this shit kicks on fire. That mean itll break a sneaker down
December 12th, my ass. This chrome eight releasing now
Hell Rell in the booth: that Ruga spitting
Yall know what that mean? If one fly, son die. His son cry. No euphemisms
That youth ll miss him
If dis appear to Day, you gon disappear today
Ill turn him to a ghost, and its evident, Im talking clear as Day
Ill give him a long sub for trying to be the hero
Violator one, Spawny boy zero

[Round 1: Daylyt]
Lately theyve been saying my career on thin ice. Ima show yall Gretzky back
I need yall to do me one favor. Just one favor. Be completely quiet and let me rap
This gon be one fine ass slumping. Think wine glass bumping:
Lets suppose I toast men
Nah, I ghost them; nah, I goes in, the most in
Shit start to get Bad, Boy
Another King getting boxed off top like they brought Los in
Posting. Im too creative; creative postering. Ill be the host and
I attach to the body for growth; its gross but I grows the motion
Red step, we coast through ocean where they host the boats and you are the bridge, thinking my style just appeared
Well I sound crystal clear like they brought Bose in
Enough of the boasting. You decode it? Im colder than below ten
For those who want to B.A. Master, Im degrees higher
Sire. Fire as hell if I let the flow sin
A one hundred percent perfect Day, and in that case, you get no win(d)
Lyt for the pick, see the omen. Oh, men, lets bring some hope in
They hoping Im open to test O pen
Im going for the skunk, the monk who became Peter Punker, punk all you Uncs
Im where the show been; still I slow end
Any career that think I aint a real nigga. Im Quill, nigga. Come and provoke, then
Think a Chinese going bankrupt: youll wake up with a broke Chin
I told you, I will(wheel) have lines if they spoke pen. I go for the clear body like I wont cloak skin
They said, Day, you should be careful versus the red Street Fighter.
I reply, all-you-can(ah-yuken) get flame. Now let that soak in (so Ken)
Shit like that is why Im past these peons by eons
Neon Light(Lyt)
Me, Im like, wherever O be, we on Trice
He gon say he..
Peep the line; its the sleepy sign. Nigga, Im beyond(be yawn) crazy;
The best to be is my Destiny, Child. The flow beyond say(Beyonce) he;
bout to catch a humongous body. That hoe beyond Gracies
Nigga, what the talk bout in this talk bout? I dont cop out like the police
I took money on the house but I dont show lease
Look at his body gestures. His cloth probably highly polyester. Yes sir
But Im just up here rocking the gold fleece
Mean guys get clean fried; I use no grease
Pack the rhymes; never slack with lines, but let the flow crease
Snacks aside, this cat Divine(Devone); to get the mass, never go yeast
You took this match for a body gain, but wait(weight), you lost
And they was all telling me O beast(obese)
You got large pounds, nigga? Die it(diet) down
Think its a wedding scene how Im wetting things
Im the best author. One through your chest(Chess), partner; I let it Steam(s)
The last nigga I pulled the nina out on, I told him I bet it sting
I treat that bitch like getting a call from your side bitch
When you with your main bitch: I silence her, then let it ring
Lets lift the quota high for O to get the show to start
Aw, Homie, son snapping: get a load of Bart
It could be double the animals in one room, but I still know a(Noa) mark
A chess pawn. They said I was just drawing; Im showing art
You dont hand over the bread(Bret) brother, bullets ll hit O in(Owen) heart(Hart)
Round one, Im trying to show yall how I dont care
You knew I would go for the plain(plane) body cause O here(OHaire)

[Round 2: O-Red]
Im back in Chicago with a .45 for a mirror match
Thats a double entendre; you caught it, clown?
You vers the iron; you from Jordan Downs? Well Im Jordan down
Known to burn fat. What that mean? That mean I scorch a pound
Cannon drumming on them niggas in purple: Morris Brown
Now he doing all of that fool clown shit but yet and still
You be talking bout sucking dick when you Twittering
And misspelling half of your words. Sheer ignorance
A gay battle rapper who cant spell? I get the shit
You a double entendre for Ill-literate. Shit
I knew you couldnt be straight. Your tat crooked
Fuck around and get a hate crime charge for this ass whooping
Body shot, jab, hook him, he drop, the strap push him
Leave that extra shit on his lap top: Ill Macbook him
Ass whoopings, I Dish On Demand. Signal, and sat a Lyt(satellite)
Savage life. Farooq, Bradshaw, youre a actor, Lyt(acolyte)
Im havoc-like. Static, Ill draw, blood. Flabotomy
That mag bust, your ass fucked from whats on the side of me, you copy me?
Shit get Jazzy Pha when the G arrive
Produce a hit for the Ciara featuring Petey Pab
Just to feed the squad. Even my Mrs. love it how I turn bodies to mini-pies
Im cut-throat: Sweeney Todd. My fleet street; this the demon side
Now pay attention, folks, cause if he cross that intersection
In a second his inner section get intercepted
Then flame his bitch; make his heart burn, no indigestion
Think him in a year: when I pick the weapon, Smith and Wesson
Face shot ate(eight) Days off with the .357
If you didnt catch it, dont even stress it. Here go the quickest lesson
I said, think him in a year. So yall tell me, how many days in a year?
365, right? So if I pick a weapon, whats left if I ate days off? Three fifty seven
Bang. That pipe clap, lay his homie type flat
Body him, then Im at Quill next(neck). Nice tat
Shots pop like a thot giving insight to his chick
What that mean? That mean that ratchetll end Lyt and(enlighten) his bitch
Im sick. When I write my three, my bars hits like a shotty banging
Every word crafted for the kill; Im speaking body language
Your three? Two be ehhh, the other you be going dumb
But that means you only fire one round, like a golden gun
Yall want to hear some trill facts? He got advantages this match
Chiraq want to hear me snap. Theyre just hoping that you rap
You got to put on a mask to spit that crack
How Suge say it, Surf? Im a real goon; I wear that ski mask like a hat
Nah, matter fact, fuck that. I could spit flame without the mask, nigga. Im Scorpion
Ill pistol whip his ass with a ratchet. Swing that forty in
Right(write) across(a cross) on his forehead, like Im anointing him
Reverse Kemp: the forty bang after it point at him
Want to hear know funny shit?
Before he lost his way in this battle culture, all you Quill fanatics wasnt on no fan shit
But now he top five on yall shit, off straight trolling and Instagram pics
I just dont understand it, the irony
How a nigga with no logical progression progressing off some antics(semantics)
Off that alone, thats why I got to slump him tonight
Kannon told me I had him, I was up for a fight
Turned Gandhi for forty nights: I did nothing but write(right)
Neo when he lost his sight: I see nothing but Lyt(light). And his wife
She try saving you, the nine get to spitting
You gon need a miracle for Davone intervention
Im Agent Smith. Mr. Anderson gon remember me
When I murder his father, son, and holy spirit
He aint even catch that, thats his Trinity
Third verse, I swear Im going hard on your chick
With no remorse. Ima leave a bullet lodged in her shit
Its gon be like both of Trinitys death scenes. Wanna know why?
He gon have to pull that round out her body; Ima putting bars through that bitch
Ya heard me? Jersey

[Round 2: Daylyt]
Soon as they put me on this damn flyer they knew Id hand fire
A torch is what I got to show this guy
O demise. My perception is inception: the dream is something I control
Youll see the four, then sky(folding sky). We hold em high, then O, then sigh
I been chasing O since 07, now I double O seven times. Do I gotta reload the line?
Chasing O since oh-seven, double oh seven, hold em high
Let em go, then I(GoldenEye)
Become flight Lyt, I go for the plain(plane) body, skip the departure signs
Partner, this parts surprise; part ya, arrow to get arch torture, we cart your lives;
I black on one in a Million, Man, but I dont got Marching pride
I just want confirmation for this type(-)writing
One day they gon let a author rise(authorize). I never card decline
I just swag hard on these bad fathers;
Only other option is for you to get dead(-)beat
You still dont get what my M.O.s is?(Moses)
Well this the part where Red see(Red Sea)
A brother with Flubber kits: I get green out of control
Dont stutter shit if a brother slip
I make B rest, feeding you this formula
These babies gon realize Im on some (m)other shit
I swag flyer; cash higher; just flow, Escrow, the pad buyer
Your man win; I get a mansion(man chin) bigger than Quagmires
Wait, but let me remind yall. These slimeballs cant define god
They die hard soon as the Tom call their bluff
But I come tough as McGruff; this shit is a crime, dog
Whether you get smoked or not, you cant decline forward
The blind fall soon as they call shots
Mutumbo vs Air Bud: finger wave after dog block
Im all Watts. Any kid with the can get hard knocked
All Watts. Every nigga on my team a animal: we Starfox
But Red, this is why Im ahead of yall. I aint scared of yall. I dont duck. What?
Big Pun, Fat Joe: Ill tear a squad(Terror Squad) the fuck up
But this a case where you out(-)classed. Too much time tardy spent
I got the job done when I have to face the higher(hire)
Soon as the coin toss for shorty, it was Harvey Dent
They shouldve told you you would have to face the fire
But if he play buster, well do it the G way. The streets say rush ya
Make three simple sounds and get beat crazy: DJ Mustard
Round two, before I got hot as the Devil with this shit
I tell all you rap niggas, its levels to this shit

[Round 3: O-Red]

Lets clap it up for Davone Campbell
cause this the second time he aint bring that bullshit where the Bulls play
Your round was actually better than the words that I thought you would say
Wordplay, punches, schemes, you was spitting shit the hood way
You nice, dude. Ice Cube: today was a good Day
But at the same time, its a sad night. Im past nice
This where my bars school Days(School Daze), this G on your head, Half-Pint
You ab, Lyt, when Im addressing, you lose, wait(weight). This the craft, Lyt
Im trying to get you shine. Just a flash, Lyt
Not the vast light, cause Ill expose a lot of your messy shit if I black, Lyt
I watched you take the penmanship, style, angles, antics..
Fuck, even the movements of Lux
Small burger, lettuce, tomatoes: youre a junior to Lux(Junior Deluxe)
When you rap, I envision Oprah and Danny Glover fucking
Oh yall aint even catch it, I said that mean when I look at you, I see Beloved
You dressed up like a slave, my nigga. And lost to a white man on a battle rap offramp
Then you had a second chance vers Iron and got your ass tore. Thats facts
That was a free head shot though
How you dressing up like Twelve Years a Slave and couldnt manage to put Solomon north up?
Chicago, I told Kannon, Quit with the tough words you fuck nerd, nigga
You make Chicago look bad: you a Yung Berg nigga.
But this fag? He hurting all of our swag. He a butt plug nigga
You make hip hop look bad. You a Young Thug nigga
Choppa drop him, make him brush that canvas, thats how I paint the pic
Hit nothing but Lyt; from this range, Im all Day with it
Banana clip break your shit. Ill lift, get to waving it
Youll get stretched next(necks) from the rings when I bring that K in(Kayan), bitch
Kayan tribe, Google it; that bar was some amazing shit
Fifty round drum thatll turn swine to bacon bits
That Tom knock the air out a pig(s) skin. Thats a Patriot
The single barrel shotgun, that shit built like a curtain rod
Gauge, twenty shells. That mean from that 20-12, his Earth ll die
This faggot nigga at the wake, shirt and tie, front row, sure to cry
Ill leave Lyts spirit bodied if I merk her, bye. Merkaba. Google it; that bars certified
That mean Ill shoot your broad, Daylyt, in broad daylight, blaze her with the gun
If you Play in Chicago, my shit raising(Raisin) In the Sun
That just reminded me. You actually said you would fuck Diddy? You a motherfucking lame, mu
A faggot who 103rd flagging, whats that? A grape fruit
Me aim shoot, leave his cage loose, and sent him to Jesus
With a Great Bambi-no, Ima hit your Babe Ruth
Ill push her shit back like Stephen. You know, an A. Smith
And make you leave without your bitch, youll Skip bae-less(Bayless)
Im great with the Glock and the pound; I could Matrix, or late switch
Nine to five will make a Day shift. Amazing. Give me room. This Days end(Inn)
Think he winning? Know whats amazing?
He came to Chicago, and stole my Big T O-beast bar
No wonder he think he winning this
Cause the nigga he mimicking, even mimicking Red rhymes
Vers Charlie, Lux did that Ben Stiller shit. You know, the shit he said? Mine
Pay attention, homo. The proof is in his logo
But I get it. You can be Beloved Two. Just use a couple of Red lines
This shit is gon be nasty on the net. Im talking porn site
Cause most of yall aint get half of this round on-site
Its for the people on site
I did this for the fans on the W.E.B. thats loving what the boy write
Im Floyd-like. Hes just another nigga smoked
Billy Gruff: its always a troll fucking with the goat
I swear to god on my momma, if it wasnt for the gwala
I wouldnt even bother. But yall know what they say, right?
Another Day, another dollar

[Round 3: Daylyt]
What I did in my third round versus Ooops, Id like to call this the sequel
Fact that Ima talk about my family, and then Ima talk to my people
Look on the news; look what they do to our people as a whole
I get it. The plot is not as simple, see
Them cops find the right block to plant the right rock
Which keep us divided with buying entities
Divide and conquer. But we built for that street life, riding like it was meant to be
But I get it. They got us fucked up physically
And then they got us fucked up mentally
With something called cerebral fear. Example number one:
It could be six niggas at a dope house, one got a chopper, one got a rocket launcher
One got a A.R., one got a nina, and one nigga got a tall gun
Let one police hit the corner with one snub nose .357
And all six of them niggas all run
The question is why. But if it was a black nigga, they ready to start the ruckus
Bunch of Uncle Ruckuses
But they dont do shit when the cops steady bothering kids
Its funny how all these niggas say they got beef baking(bacon)
But none of them willing to slaughter the pigs
But I get it. You play gangster on the stage. Damn. He style thugging
His boys with the business, too. His family wild bugging
Make up your mind. You with the shit, or with your knot. Damn, he wild gunning
We dont know if you a man or a bitch: Sammy Wild 100s
But I get it. Nobody want to do nothing, huh
The last nigga that played King, they popped his dream
How we gon ask for justice for Mike Brown? Justice for Trayv-
Nigga, we still aint got justice for Rodney King
We can play gangster all we want. But ourself is who we lying to
We claim to be pit bulls, but to the police, we Family Guys, dog. Brian, dukes
If any one of yall niggas ready to go out in the streets
And war it out with the police, then I am too
Youll find a battle rapper marching up the street
With the can, sir(cancer). I am Ooops
But the cops really got us so scared, like, scared than a motherfucker
Like, every time I cut on the news Im like, Damn, look what these guys done done.
Im so afraid of the police, I could be in the middle of getting robbed
And debate if I should call 9-1-1
I mean, the fact is, if Im getting robbed, the worst thing that can happen to me
Is a nigga take my clothes, I fall to the ground, one of them boot a nigga
Or I could call the police, they show up
Dont know who robbing who and just start shooting niggas
But enough with the positive shit
Shit been looking a little shaky. For this crowd, I came in a rattle
Last time I was here, I had a crack rock so big, Ill tried to drag it home
This time, I got a crack rock so big, Yung Ill came to the battle
Google that. Google if Yung Ill was here
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