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B Magic vs Rum Nitty ( )

B Magic vs Rum Nitty ( )

King of the Dot Entertainment , , : B Magic vs Rum Nitty. , .

"B Magic vs Rum Nitty":

B Magic ( : ) - -, . 47 , 16,926,141 .
- , . 24 , 7 638 093 .

This match-up happened on the King of the Dot event Vendetta 2: Redemption, April 19th of 2014.

"B Magic vs Rum Nitty":
[Round 1: Rum Nitty]
Rum Nitty, motherfucker, your show was cancelled
Get pistol-whipped, Ill go across your shit with the 40 handle
Catch you mobbin through the wrong hood, them locsll jam you
And show you how this fire works
Thats what all that roamin can do
I'll open hand you, that right got you shook up
Your shit bruised, black and blue, its I Got The Hook Up
I fall right, your chin get checked, the hook'll
Fuck your career up: thats that Tiger Woods effect, bet!
Most niggas dont try me
Shit aint sweet, they must heard to get the beats, thats why, G
MAK-90 came in like a wrecking ball
Get the hammer lickin': thats Miley
Try me and I squeeze the piece they way
Bullets break and enter his chest plate
There wont be any games played
They say Black Magic is a seasoned veteran
And you can meet your death 'til this cal pop in Black face
Who is BM Fin with?
Against Charlie, you shoulda buried homie
But you barely edged that shit
What I carry like I recorded a marriage ceremony
I woulda got to wettin Clips
I should be on every list
But most niggas got it in for Nitty, that shitll never end
Let it rip, I aint surprised at all, I actually seen it coming
This some bull, the next thing Magic is finna son me
If thats your goal, then state what you feel like
Cause it can fuck around and be a shootout in real life
Chrome .38 Special shine real nice
I call my tre the truth, it get any nigga that grill iced
Fuck with my money, I wouldnt advise that
Get your eye capped over dough, B, and need an eye patch
9 strap explode on money like a dye pack
Theyll mourn and 40s will be pourin
When I send you up to the sky, black
So watch your mouth or get clocked in it
Im at your grill with a cross for talkin' and dry snitchin
Ill have your guys sippin meals through a straw, raw!
They say I stole your style
Why would I have to copy cats that copycat?
Nitty cop free straps and when he cop he clap, you copy that?
Joe Cutter vs. Tiger Ty: I body cats
Especially if they comin' across trickin' like a Nazi patch, fact!
Watch what the fuck you sayin' to me
Cause Ill cap on your whole mob, just keep it frank with Nitty
Really, you can get the chrome now
Pull it and air and zone a nigga just for bringin' up the hometown
BOW! You cant keep it real yourself
Nigga, suicide or Ill do the job, you decide kill yourself!

[Round 1: B Magic]
Listen, Rum Nitty, lets get it started, spit your hardest
Cause Im a fuckin' threat like Mr. Marcus
Four clap, think of Star Trek, youre goin' into darkness
Your upsidell be inside out: now thats a Ricky Martin
What, so you think its a game when I get the cartridge?
Youll be smokin' from the SIG, youll get a coffin
I spit somethin' at a nigga that can lift apartments
Its off the wall how you catch em like Kenny Lofton
Who fuckin' with me? The bars and the 50 with me
Get to spittin, yall better get down with the Nitty gritty
.380, long-ass clip, boy spittin 50
Shady on me everywhere like Mr. Bentley
Check the words, Im outside, Ill wait for ya
If you vamp Ill have something in steak for ya
Rum, you dont want a shell
Nittyll get boxed in his front yard for the bucks
Thats a rummage sale
KOTD, its Magic, the show arrived
A little old school from hangin' with the older squads
Ill send this ho to God
I got a Magnum four and
The barrel a little under a foot like Captain Morgan
Niggas gonna die whenever that lead come
Murder, you give me back words Ill leave you red, Rum
All black with the loc's on, Ill burn a hater
Rose the .30-30, youd think I was the Terminator
Who fuckin' with me? Come get with me if you sick of me
A bad boy, its goin' down, I got Nitty beat
So watch your mouth before I come in wildin
You get these lefts and these rights too if Rum aint silent
If I catch Nitty trippin, its milli grippin, semi-spittin
Two-by-fours, boards and billy stick him
Aint no bitches around here, you get the picture?
When you get wet with the Calico it aint skinny dippin
West Side of St. Louis, nigga get a whiff of me
Rum dont respect Magic, they gon have to dig Nitty
A magazine folds metal: thats a centerpiece
The kid will run into a barrel: thats a Gymboree
Calm yo' ass down before you get put in a trunk
Dragged to New York, see if they like that Rum bull in the Bronx
Magic pullin' the pump; if I dump, Nitty gotta run
See Ill have your shit leakin' from a shot of rum

[Round 2: Rum Nitty]
Youll get the Bruce Lees, son, Im not the one for playin' with
Meaning Ill swing and crack a chin: thats a White and Asian mix
Off one hand gesture, Ill have shooters in the van thatll
Nail son, Mandela, get your man wet up, no more debate
If I graze your cheek with this big K, youll have the sorest face
Wait, you finna take a L, B
I bust things, I know the feeling must sting from a shell, B
You a shark in the water? Well, see, dont sleep on me
Im sharp with the hands, bitch, Im from Elm Street
Infrared sit on the Glock
Meaning my heat got a ray, Ill lend you a shot
Ill give you a box in a hurry with that
This nigga thurr, he scurred
Mr. Bigglesworth: he aint never let it fur on a cat
I should bring the MAC and throw a round
But the next nigga gettin' chopped and screwed
He attempt to bring it back and slow it down
Pause, you aint never in the streets like me
But I heard your baby mama let the whole gang bang
Your BM a G, I see fuck it do, Magic?
I got somethin for B which have him wish he really can do magic
Tool flashin and they had to send a realer nigga
With the pump you better shoo, Magic
Ima bring a casket for yall all to watch
So when I get the split decision
Dont be surprised on his behalf cause you already saw the box
Real talk, you dont want war, B
Ill let a shot hit his roof from a Bulldog: thats a real gun barking
Mean, say somethin' cricket then your man die for real
Youll hear a clickin' while he spittin', Ill get Black iced, car tailed
But if you hold on them keys, my semi charge
Hit Magic city and strip him for the work: thats a titty bar
Youre not even ridin' with them toys
You McGwire off the roids: youre the biggest mark
But thats cool for now, cause you on top til you get popped
So once you see this four, close your mouth or lose your spot!
What? Somebody shoulda told B that Nitty not a fluke
Lost to the white boy and came back whippin' niggas
This shit is in my roots
But you? You cant keep it real yourself
Nigga, suicide or Ill do the job, you decide kill yourself!

[Round 2: B Magic]
I say, your last round, I coulda wrote that at a lunch break
Think its sweet, Ill wait 'til his dough rise and take Rum cake
Fuck around and get shot in the face thinkin' this pump fake
Maybach Music: I got a rose for the gunplay
Come play! Nigga, its over when I hit the scene
Got a hollow that can make a standup nigga lean
Im tryin' not to smoke him like nicotine
Catch some of these, he gon fall when its spring
Bars after bars every battle, you seen it, nigga
Eagles burn, watch me fire birds on a Phoenix nigga
And yet yet I show out with the nina, nigga
And let let my hitman do the remix, nigga
How you wanna play it? What you bring the young brother for?
Ill pull it until he drop: thats a tug of war
Put on my glove before I touch it, like an oven door
When it sing, OMG, it aint a Usher tour
.44, tuck it and buck it, never speak the name or see a grave
Im a made nigga like Cecil Gaines
AR, gay bar, walk into it and see a flame
Catch a Tommy comin' in your door like Gina Payne
If I see playin thats when the cars flip
He aint catch it, I see playin [] thats when the cards flip
Magic about to do a pull a nigga card trick
Put these steel arms on your front like a forklift
Nigga, Im the best, Nitty, you should know better
Wanna buy some bars? Youre lookin' at the wholesaler
A go-getter, with these cans I drum
I bless the bar, I mean put these hands on Rum, dumb
The story goes Myers killed you: Laurie Strode
We fit to match, Im wearin' him out like party clothes
Nigga, the only rum I know is Bacardi Gold
.40 blow, tipll lay him out like Shawty Lo
We the opposite, if its beef Im goin' ham, damn it
Backhand him, knock him from here to where his fam standin
All in Phoenix, Yonkers where your fam stayin
Air and zone a nigga, I tore a wrist trippin with this grand cannon
Got niggas in Arizona, grimy cats
Take your change and slide home, no gettin' your diamonds back
One word to describe Rum, Ima say
Put the letters together from the initials of his state

[Round 3: Rum Nitty]
Before I get into these bars, just peep
This nigga told Roc that hell cream his back like sunblock
Clearly deserved a pause to me
But Im finna kill this nigga for yall all to see
That youll never find a nigga from the Lou raw as me
Fake-ass Conceited cant whoop Nitty
I go ham, so this aint fair, a Con type of nigga cant cook with me
I'll tap his chin and he might fall
Nitty lean in with the punch like Im Ty Law
Got the quickest hands, no spick and span, Ill mop dirty
Use your head but dont throw a low blow, youll get boxed dirty
Get popped early, Im killin Black, its a wrap
But let me play like he big, and this shit will get realer, Black
Olympic match, limbs get snapped, shins get cracked
He went for the gold and brought the silver back
Real shit, you came to the West to get that assed kicked
I rack the Dillinger back then ate dog and left his soul a lil half dead
Clap lead the MAC sprayed
I crack heads in a battle like Hollohan versus Pat Stay
Wait, you dont want war, homie
I knew after Id seen Black fry Day
That he had nothin' else in store for me
Im finna do him bad, Day
Im talkin' puttin' 14 in June and take his flag, Day
That nina get the singin', bet you all get wet
Meaning youre gonna die and a Ross was your cause of death
Run up, your whole squad get stretched
Im off the hip bone to your jaw bone: thats the Das EFX
Around your neck I squeeze a belt 'til you faint
Think its funny until they find you
With your breathing off key and pale in the face
Then your soul will elevate
Tried to wrestle, then he died that was your ultimate mistake
I dont play, this .40 will bust you
Your wig pushed off on the last shot: thats Jordon on Russell
Fuck you! You got a savage spittin at ya
Chill 'fore this magic clip gettin' 50 sent
Just tell Magic stick to rappin
Whats happenin'? You dont tell to be a []
Rum Nitty TMZ: I see errors in your future
I can tell youre not a shooter, you scared probably
Somethin activate his nervous system when he get near all the G's
Dome shot, close your casket, its over, Magic
Get closer and pull this nickel behind his ear
Dont make me show you, Magic
I say whats happenin'? I finna add you to a body count
Last minute this shitll get caustic if I gotta take the shotty out
What I pull from behinds filled with hot shit
You thinkin' that its still a game
Murder you, then Roc next like Wilma chain
You cant keep it real yourself
Nigga, suicide or Ill do the job, you decide kill yourself!

[Round 3: B Magic]
Peep the way Im talkin' to cuz
This here flow, pure dope, Im talkin' with drugs
Youll fuck around and get murked tryna walk in the club
Shells ring out like shirts when you wash in a tub
Im hood shit, you dont know nothin about it, Im still sparkin'
Ill box him with his back missin': thats a milk carton
If you still talkin' and you jumpin', then good
Ill call my can Nick, itll get up under your hood
Im nice, right? Lets see who can buck it faster
Ill have your ceiling leakin' when I buck it at ya
When I pull up with that ratchet, a fuckin' clapper
Get your back handed to you like a puppet master
Watch me turn it up like the system low
Fifth will blow, you about to kiss one of these mistletoes
This nigga slow, think quick when I bust at you
Win a first round in seconds: Lux battle
First the MAC burn Nitty
If they steppin with you, then your whole frat turn, Nitty
Nigga, listen to the style, you could learn, Nitty
I made it pop to have a good word pattern, Nitty
Homie, Magic beastin, everything I think is crack
I hit your memory bank with these thinkin caps
What you think of that? Should I bring it back? Im too witty
Not tryin' to unite but Im comin' after you, Nitty
You don't like it, the heat'll spark ya
Im killin' niggas on the web like Peter Parker
Lil nigga, your bars low like you need a charger
Me? Tyson with Donald, Broner, Ali and Tarver
The flow flame, cocaine, straight dummy
9 blow, switchin' to Geico couldnt save money
St. Louis state of mind, nigga, straight scummy
About to pull a nigga card how I play Rummy
Got this shit in a bag like a dog walker
You dont wanna pass away like a ball hogger
And if you really got a problem, no fearin black
Hear a strap, kill yourself like a mirror match
I told em once, these mothafuckas scared
Im from the mothafuckin' Lou, thats how a mothafucka play it
Beat me? Can you believe what this mothafucka said?
You musta slipped, fell and bumped yo' mothafuckin' head
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