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KOTD: Pat Stay vs Calicoe (русские субтитры)

Pat Stay принимает бой Легендой Детройта - Calicoe. Этот шедевральный баттл был затмен Калико в 3 раунде, где он пытается запугать Пэта, нажав шляпу. Это была "битва хулиганов", и многие думают, что Калико выиграл из-за этого, в то время как другие считают, если Пэт остаться не оставаться прохладным событие было бы определенно закрыто из-за драки.

Смотреть баттл "Pat Stay vs Calicoe":

Pat Stay takes a battle with Detroit legend Calicoe between his title matches at the MASSacre event.

This dope match up got overshadowed by Calicoe’s 3rd round where he tries to intimidate Pat Stay’s by pushing his hat. This was a “battle of bullies” and many think Calicoe won because of it while others believe if Pat Stay didn’t stay cool the event would’ve definitely been shut down because of a fight.

Текст баттла "Pat Stay vs Calicoe":
[Round 1: Calicoe]
Who here is from Boston?
Cause we 'bout to get on on some boss shit
That nigga Caustic just called Arsonal "a moolie" I would've lost it
Don't say nothing close to "nigga" unless you ready to forfeit
Be ready to throw them hands if you gon' talk shit
Mind of a general, heart of a soldier
So that just mean I call the shots but ain't afraid to take the shots
I'll have you in one of them lawn bags, they'll have to rake him out
You was making all them tough ass gestures to Marv...make 'em now
See I know Marv', he wanted to snuff you
But he was smart enough to think about taking the safest route
But I get the chance to swing I'ma take it now
Not giving a fuck about how I make it out, police or nothing
And all my niggas is coming in with me
And y'all don't have to bail none of us out, my money coming to get me
They was trying to book me for another battle before I was even done with this hippy
But the way that they just paid that nigga Cas', I told 'em "150"
Realistically...give me 50
25 up front or don't call back
And I'm adding another 10 if you ask again what I charge Smack
One time I was fucked up right
You know I called Smack, he gave me money to flip
I took a trip and crawled back
See I'm just trying to eat nigga, y'all rap
Now if I ain't a hot boy then what the fuck do you call that?
They saying they don't like Calicoe, "He think he all that."
Well why the fuck wouldn't I think I'm the best nigga, these all facts
Anybody can get up here and act tough as shit
Get in front of these cameras and start lying about a bunch of shit
My man just received a bunch of box like, "What the fuck is this?"
He just took an 80 band loss, ready to cut his wrist
Right now my fans like, "That's why I fuck with Cal'. He be spitting that real shit."
But yo' fans like, "How the fuck are we suppose to feel this?"
Which is amazing cause it's usually Caucasians that's on my pill flips
These grown man bars, this is just something you gotta deal with
Where you from?

[Pat Stay]

Prolly a place that's real rich

[Pat Stay]

I'm from a place where you can't survive without loyal niggas and a real bitch
So keep on letting 'em hype you
You gon' get killed quick
As soon as they start 'em I'ma cut 'em, bitch I'm a kill switch
Aye, I didn't think y'all fuck with them cars
Eh, I had to pop a bar to come up with them bars
Eh, I'm out of this world man, I was sent here from Mars
They say the King Of The Dot fans don't want nothing but bars
They say Drake was at the last battle, who gives a fuck about stars?
Where I'm from, we run up on them stars
Plus them same niggas fans of me they run up to my cars
Cause them niggas be celebrities when I pull up with them jars
But you from Nova Scotia
No really...you from Nova Scotia
I ain't even heard about nothing on the news over in Nova Scotia
I ain't never even heard of nobody breaking the rules over in Nova Scotia
So he just might be the toughest dude over in Nova Scotia
But this ain't Nova Scotia!
I got youngins that'll take him on a roller coaster
Catch him and just start giving him the whips like a show with Oprah
Them choppers hanging out the window of that old school Nova coasting
I popped a barbie before this battle so everything is started to go in a slower motion
Which means if you swing I'ma be like Neo in The Matrix
I'm Floyd, you Pacquiao, c'mon let's see your imitation
I'm spazzing without no limitation
Why the fuck is you even in my country I don't believe in immigration?
I see all the comments, yeah I see all them nigga hating
But every time I accept a battle I see all them niggas waiting
And I ain't saying this on no comment I'm saying after all these faces
Matter of fact Pat what you got to say cause you got all these people waiting
Let's go

[Round 1: Pat Stay]
So Organik hit up my phone like, "Yo, what you think about you vers' Calicoe, Pat?"
I'm joking
I fucking hate when people start off their battle like that
Eh, straight off the rip, let me make this clear
You don't threaten me at all dude
I don't give a fuck if you come from the D, technically we all do
See my senses are strong and your energy speaks volumes
I watch you from the way that you walk to the costume
He puts on when you talk to him
Every chance he can get
He constantly has to stress how he's more real than them, it's a force field effect
When you feel a threat amongst you and get into defense
And feel the need to start listing connects and telling war stories to get their respect
I know your type
Show off for the boys call your girl "a ho"
Then when you and your girl alone, "I'm sorry you know I love you my little turtle toes."
Right? "Want me to tickle your back my little love bug?"
"Yo Calicoe!"
"Hmh. Yeah that's right. Suck my dick and shut the fuck up."
But see me I have no front
And I don't need to drop names to raise mine, I have no crutch
You push weight with the same set your dad throws up
But got no rep without him spotting you, yeah, rack those up pussy
Back on up
I pack those punches that'll make your chest and backbone touch
Collapse both lungs, attach mode
Cut you in half with the Exacto, gut
Like a mackerel and then just pick through him like an afro puff
If you was a real dude you wouldn't have to act so tough
If you really trapped so much you wouldn't open your trap so much
If you was a G, you wouldn't dry snitch on your old man so much
And if he was a G, he'd tell you to keep your damn mouth shut
There's a problem with hustler's now a days, they brag so much
They get stuck, too many snakes in the lawn, the grass won't cut
Your father tested the waters and look how that boat sunk
And you can't absorb game with a flat old sponge, let THAT soak up
I know you ain't making no real money
It's like you always gotta remind us
You just put it all out there like Bonnie Godiva and her sloppy soggy vagina
Every song, every blog, every battle, every interview
You just have to remind us of all the illegal shit you do
He makes it so easy he got the cops bored
He ain't got warrants they don't even watch for him
Ain't even investigating they just sit back at the station playing his new battles eating popcorn
Eh look
Verse one, I got a gun on me right now, got it from my man right here
Alexander Wang Osborne and I got a lot more
At the house, top floor, second room, on the left in the sock drawer
My pops is a gangsta, my pops is a gangsta
Every damn battle, all you do is praise him
Why don't you be a man, look in the cam' and thanks mum
And pay some respect to the one who actually raised ya
We get it, we get it, he been to jail, he a real dude
She's the one who built you
The one you should owe, kneel to
I should kill you you ungrateful bastard
You know you damn lost
Let him go cause I feel bad for this fucking...sucky hand job, go!
I literally feel bad already

[Round 2: Calicoe]
Who from Boston?
I'm 'bout to put him in a bean box
The nerve of this cracker, talking about his things pop
You a 6'6" white boy from Nova Scotia...I think not
Nigga, your first strap was prolly a sling shot
These King Of The Dot niggas, they just seem hot
They living like they married to the game but got on Ring Pops
This battle shit is getting back to what it seem now
I heard Surf just ran up on Roc with that infrared beam out BANG!
That little nigga thinking he can fuck with me
Tell Smack to arrange his funeral, I'll bring his tux with me
As long as these battle leagues keep bringing bucks to me
I'll stand up here all day cause they just wanna talk about Lux to me
Last time I was Payton Manning jumping out that Bronco
This time I'm Tom Brady but look I'm throwing that [?] doe
I got a Mexican riding with me, I call him "Paco"
He'll murder your family for a half a pound of cilantro
And a taco
So many guns I got it looking like a cheat code
I'm shooting before I even get to the peep hole
Getting bills like Belichick so why would I ever play the game like Pete though?
As soon as they see Hawks/Seahawks they know I'm going into Beast Mode
I let that Mac blam til that Mac jam
Aye Boston that last bar is for Pat's fam' not Pat' fans
Soon as he see that hi-tech see how he act then
See these backpackers slow I said I got hi-tech and I got [?]
You trying to make it to the big leagues right? Turn your stats in
All my shooters outta high school but they Eagles pack ten
But you 6'6" and never played a sport in your life, I can't honor that
You from Nova Scotia ain't no fucking reason you ain't a scholar cat
But no you wanna follow rap
And saw 8 Mile, copped a squat, waiting for Eminem to battle Poppa Doc
Your unathletic ass prolly look so funny trying to block a shot
You prolly block a shot like this
Fucking with me you have to block a shot like this
The movies you be watching that's where I'm from, we hold the Glock like this
You been in a room with a couple of black guys but it was not like this
But just when I thought I was at the finish line
They flew me to a place where they do ten a line
All these white folks sipping lean
All white buffs bitch I'm Mr. Clean
You right, pops got knocked, but he didn't rat and go against the team
Boston, he kept his mouth closed, I call him Mr. Bean
So instead of hating, salute to that nigga
Trying to stack it all up to drop a Coupe on that nigga
When we balling in the club what we doing to niggas?
They say it's lonely at the top, so how I fool with my niggas?
Instead of hating, you should try to get your paper straight
I wake up e'ryday on the same paper chase
Don't call me on my phone, I do all my business face to face
Smack ain't call me for no shows, but I be on that road state to state
They showing fake love so I'ma ball til I make 'em hate
And that shoe box money so cold I had to make 'em wait
C'mon, let's hear what you got to say

[Round 2: Pat Stay]
Cal' I don't know what you think dawg but let's just get one thing straight brah
Calicoe, in real life, I'd punch your fucking face off
Grip you by your neck and toss you around like a fucking rag doll
Vrooom, chainsaw, chop it straight off
Like a safe call from baseball
But realistically though, you outta shape dawg
I'd pick you up and slam you like a little bitch, you be getting your shake on
Seeing stars and hearing lullaby's, hmm that's a great song
I break jaws, leave your grill leaking like steak sauce
Scotia's in my blood, I'm Scotian we straight to great broads
Open hand slap so strong they call it napalm
You fall in love with a stank broad I wouldn't even get brains from
Even on a rag you later/Regulator you like Nate Dogg
Bitch, you sound like a fucking bird like Akon
You got some nerve with that little sterling silver chain on
Shame on you, talk about money, you'se a fake fraud
You poor/pour in the hood like break fluid put your breaks on
Suckers be on some faggot shit
Same dude who was skinny dipping with his goons taking naked pics
Said there was six bitches there, where? That shit was Raining Men, Toranio
You don't know what terrain you in
But I see you brought them here with you to look all mean on cam'
Half of my goons can't be seen on cam'
Let alone cross the border, this isn't an environment they'd understand
All they'd see is tension around me and it'd just be BAM, this ain't a habitat for them
I'm glad you have your friends
But real gangstas don't hang at battle rap events
My dudes could be standing way in the back with all them
With their eyes closed and shoot a fucking apple off your head
Just for practice
Lose your top like Janet Jackson
I don't mean the actress when I say I'll get a man to clap him (Amanda Clapham)
You want hands, we can handle that quick
You thought I taught the man gymnastics when I rip the spikes off of Black Sabbath jacket
And wrap them around my hand with elastic bands and smash him
He pulls off a big ole fancy back flip and lands in thee exact stance
He had been standing before
Macho Man Randy Savage and The Rock whoop their little candy asses
My shit is classic, like the Thriller jacket
In its original package, it's still in the plastic
Let's get it cracking
Gorilla slap him across the mouth so hard he'll do a triple axle
So that when he lands he'll complete forget it happened
And wake up with a British accent
Yo, talking that white boy shit
As if we're so different just cause your skin is black yeah
You want some of that white privilege have it
I'll grab him and give him so many little stabs in his abdomen
He'll be running down the street whistling now you'll be able to get a taxi quick
That's how we do

[Round 3: Calicoe]
Pull out y'all phones
Follow me on Instagram right now
Yung_Shoeboxmoney, and tell me if I ever ever mention dude
They got me battling a white boy, some shit that I never ever get to do
Honestly, I couldn't even think of shit for you
They called me back with 20 I said, "I really gotta think of some shit for dude."
But I noticed something
You disrespect certain niggas but you don't never get the shit confused
I ain't saying you a ho ass nigga, but you really know how to pick and choose
You niggas know I'm missing screws
You white boys think that Mike Brown type funny until yo' mama missing you
I take her ipod and delete all the music she be reminiscing to
I'm at your funeral like I'm stopping through, hugging her like Pac on Juice
Warriors, there ain't a nigga with me that's not gon' shoot
And I'll up they change on 'em and bang on 'em like Equal Dolla do
But you 6'6" and never played a sport in your life
You think that we can't tell
You from Canada you couldn't make it to the CFL?
Not even the NHL?
Aw, he'd rather run his DSL's but this chopper like a hockey stick for him and his whole Nazi clique
He tried to blend in with the crowd while I cock my shit
You a 6'6" white boy you can not be missed

{Calicoe pushes Pat Stay's hat back and drama ensues}

I'm sorry y'all I ain't gon' pet lil Pat
I ain't gon' touch yo' hat
I'm sorry
But you 6'6" and never played a sport in your life
You think that we can't tell
You from Canada you couldn't make it to the CFL?
Not even the NHL?
Aw, he'd rather run his DSL's but this chopper like a hockey stick for him and his whole Nazi clique
He tried to blend in with the crowd while I cock my shit
You a 6'6" white boy you can not be missed
Keep on talking touch, I'ma rock yo shit
You prolly think you got a chance cause you been at home studying Rocky 6
So I pity the fool for whoever don't take me as a threat
Eh Pat, just know my Mr. T is a Tec
Fuck yo' money, you gotta pay me with respect
I'm up about a hundred and I still be in the 'jects
Boy this the mob, you look like you work for somebody's job
Acting like you blamming with the Mac
I can see the manager in Pat
Where your mannerisms at?
I got a youngin that'll slam you with the Mac as long as I keep handing him the packs
Where was you at last night? Studying for me?
While I was getting pussy out at Club Zone
Spent so much money in that bitch we almost brought the club home
They knew I wasn't from around here soon as I threw my bus on
Order so many bottles of Henny, so mad they ain't had Patron
But you 6'6"...it don't matter you still a big bitch
I don't know if you Kurt Angle, William Regal or Rik Smits
When that click click
You have to worry 'bout a whole lot more than Trick Trick
There's gon' be body parts everywhere
The crime scene like a pig stitch
It's gon' be like Neo in The Matrix, I'm Floyd you Pacquiao
C'mon let's see your imitation
I'm spazzing without no limitation
I don't even know why the fuck you in my country I don't believe in immigration
I see them niggas on them comments I see all them niggas hating
But every time I accept a battle I see all them niggas waiting
And I ain't saying this on no comment, I'm saying that to all you niggas faces
Pat why you ain't got disrespectful yet, you got all these people waiting
His first time in America, I made him feel what?
(Cause there's a difference between metaphors and real rap

[Round 3: Pat Stay]
Don't sweat it
That shit's all battle rap shit it don't bother me
He knows this is a business, nothings going on it's so obsolete
Cause he don't wanna box with me
See, we both got the reach but these will make you float off your feet
Cold clock you, rock you to sleep
You drop to your knees
I do a crow hop and clean kick his fucking dome off cross the street
Pick it up, spin it on my finger whistling the Globe Trotters theme music
Throw on some old soccer cleats, control-alt-delete, reboot it
But now I'm mad that my cleats ruined
I'm yelling at him like an avid sports fan when my team's losing
So I just keep booting
Leave you with, a knot in your head as if it got a good beat to it
Go to your funeral asleep through it
Ask a hospital if they have the audio to your flat line and could I please use it
Loop it, bump it in my Jeep on repeat and just creep to it

[Poison Pen]
He's stupid. Hahaha

[Pat Stay]
Eh, that rhymes with "he's stupid"
Stereo over my shoulder rolling down the beach booming
Even slap it on my iPod when I'm Ski-Dooing
Bike past your moms like "Oh, how's he doing?"
You think I'm just a joker though?
I robbed a dude who looked kinda like you for this whole shit
From the toaster to the baby stroller
True story
Had to collect a debt from dude
Ran up in his house with the toaster, left with two
Real shit hold up
Cal', what you know about seeing a beef?
Busting a 40 over his head
Bottom half of the bottle smashing you still holding the neck
Then go for his neck
Leave the party go home to bed, sleep like a baby, don't even know if he's dead
Cold as it gets
I actually saw the guy not long ago
You know what he said?
He said it's been nine years and I have nightmares to this day
I can't get that outta my head
It just plays in my brain over and over again, I'm an emotional wreck
And I said "I'm sorry" and what's messed
Is I didn't even know what he was talking about until he reminded me
These are the stories I forget!
But those are my high school days
I remember when I copped that nice new blade with the light blue frame
Shit would slice right through veins
To be honest it gives me anxiety now, I'm not trying to brag
What I'm trying to say, if it's ever that I'm afraid
It's of myself cause I know how fast I'll snatch your fucking life away
Yeah, that white boy rage
Shit haunts me you couldn't fight this pain
I'm ashamed of the lives I've changed
You shoot a dude with a little deuce deuce in the side of the leg and think you violent eh?
Try beating a man so bad you paralyze his brain
And when he sees you he yells
But his caretaker can't tell he's trying to say
Now did I just rat on myself all over youtube like you do?
Or am I just making shit up like the rest of these dudes do?
You choose
See I'm too smooth, look, who knew?
Patty Stay got a little deuce deuce too
Shoot through a pillow to muffle it, feel that buck under it
And you ain't even have a loose tooth
The battles over
Thanks for coming out y'all


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